Video Editing Lessons for someone new to it

Hey fellow patreons,

I am new to video editing and would like a free video editing program with guided lessons to teach myself so that I can edit my YouTube videos. My operating system is Windows 8.1 on PC.

I have tried VideoPad but dont like its tutes. Any suggestions with links would be greatly appreciated.

It really depends on what you need it for and what features you need. If you are just looking for being able to cut/trim the video, add music, simple titles or speed up/slow video, then I would suggest Windows Movie Maker. It’s pretty simple but efficient for a lot of needs. (I make sped up progress videos of my artwork using it all the time.)

However I don’t recall if windows 8 has WMM (it might already be installed on your device) but you can download the old Live Essentials package from Microsoft and install from there if it doesn’t.

There are a lot of YouTube tutorials and articles on how to use it, out there.

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Hi Temrin,

Currently following your advice and will see how it turns out. Will give you a big virtual hug if I can get this to work for me!

Thanks for your very special reply.