Video Thumbnails/Gallery?

My feature request is to have some sort of ‘video’ page for my patrons to see what they signed up for. Could work for other creators that create images, podcasts, whatever.

Here’s why:

I’m a YouTuber and create extra/bonus video content for my patrons. I refer to my Patreon page publicly as my ‘2nd Channel’ all the time. There’s now more than 30 videos on my Patreon page and I add more monthly. My issue is that when patrons come to my Patreon page it doesn’t look like a video content page at all. It would be awesome if my patrons could see some sort of video landing page and then they could choose what to watch via the thumbnails etc. At the moment they are just scrolling through a blog feed of, well, blog content (!) with embedded videos. I do send out an updated ‘list’ of all my videos with links, but that feels a little 1990s Internet to me…


Hey @Scratch_Garden, thanks for taking the time to add your feedback! Gallery view has been requested quite a bit lately but sadly we don’t have any a timeline or any updates to share on the status of this.