Videos don't play, and one week response time

I make a new video every day and embed it in a new Patreon post. I noticed yesterday that the recent videos preview properly but then don’t play. I submitted a support request and got an auto reply saying it may take a week for me to hear from someone about this. That is an unacceptable response time for a critical site malfunction that needs to be fixed ASAP. Is this forum a viable way to get a problem noticed and a priority response initiated?

Considering year end and holidays have been a thing recently, let alone the fee fiasco, I’m sure they have a lot of incoming support requests, questions, etc. I can’t really blame them for having a lot on their plate right now. (They deserve holiday breaks too.)

These forums are usually no quicker than sending in a support ticket and honestly, the people here aren’t the support team and likely we get sent to the support pages to get proper help. However, you -can- ping @carla and see if there is anything she can do but i’d honestly try emailing/sending in a support ticket again. (I’ve had to do that sometimes and my second one will get answered.)

In the meantime you could make sure there is a link to the videos in the description as well (upload them to a difference source temporarily if need be) sand just explain to your users that it’s being looked into but for you they can find videos at X. It sucks, but there are always alternative ways for the time being to ensure your patrons get their content. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Temrin. Putting the link in the body of the message is an old habit I’ve maintained from many years of blogging. I never realized this situation would be a particularly good justification for it!

Oh good! Yeah it really helps during times like this or if someone is having an issue on their end like browser issues and whatnot. Sometimes good to have backup links even if they are sometimes redundant. :slight_smile: