Vimeo issues

People on Reddit are saying their Vimeo accounts have been shut down, with this message:

Vimeo does not allow you to upload content that is linked to Patreon or other paid membership sites.

Anybody having issues?


Hey @lisavollrath, thanks for raising this. Please do encourage all those effected to write into Patreon’s support team. We want to learn more about this but we need to know the accounts of the individuals in order to be able to investigate further. Thank you!


Yeah. I had to upgrade my account.

I called it light extortion.

sounds like unclear messaging on the requirements to use that feature - which of course doesn’t feel user friendly but isn’t exactly extortion. I hope it’s resolved for you!

I mean, it wasn’t exactly unclear. They just weren’t enforcing that specific policy on Patreon users for the previous 1.5 years as far as my account was concerned.

I was given 48 hours to upgrade or get my stuff blocked from my users. So sure, it got resolved. But it was resolved by me paying them 200% more money a month :slight_smile:

where do you stand now with Vimeo? Are you happy?

I just heard an artist today who was scrambling to fix this issue. Vimeo messaged her saying that due to her vast support on Patreon, they were going to start charging her more money to continue using the service or close her account. I don’t know the specifics since she didn’t go into it, but also based off of these posts, this doesn’t seem like a healthy business relationship for Patreon to have. :confused:

Hi @sambeawesome, thank you for sharing this story and bringing it our attention! Would you mind DM’ing me with more info, and possible intro’ing me to this creator? We’d like to look into this situation and see what we can do.