Vimeo Playlist - any experience

I’m considering using Vimeo for hosting patron-only videos. Vimeo mentions a feature called embeddable playlists:

Embed and showcase a collection of videos in a single player on your website.

I’ll do some experiments on my own, but it would be great to hear if anyone has had any experience using this feature within Patreon? It sounds like a great feature to avoid having a separate post per video.

Hi Andrew, I used to have trouble with Vimeo on my Macs. Lots of buffering. But I haven’t tried it lately. I was on the Vimeo site the other day, wondering about trying it again… but they want a monthly fee and because of previous experience, I was hesitant… I’d be very interested in what you know or learn.
I have a few videos on YT but it would be nice to have some Patreon only videos right on Patreon.

Vimeo didn’t work for a lot of my patrons, so I stopped using it. Also the fact that users can’t speed up or slow down the videos is a downside for me. I’ll just stick with YouTube.