Vimeo video links haven't worked since February!

I create videos for my Patrons and post them here on Patreon by linking to a private Vimeo video. Simple and easy.

Or it was up until 2020 until Patreon “fixed things” by rolling out an untested, buggy new version of their software. Which again, hasn’t worked properly since February.

I reported the error to Patreon tech support, they verified that it was indeed a bug. But then said essentially “We’ll fix it when we can.” IT’S BEEN SIX MONTHS NOW PATREON - FIX THIS BUG!

Either roll back your software to this past January when things were working, or fix this now. Please! Enough is enough, you’ve had ample time. And this isn’t a nit-picking complaint. MY VIDEOS DON’T SHOW UP - and I’m a video producer. I’ve been more than patient, but now you’re making me look bad.

Is it time to close up shop here and move everyone back over to my Youtube membership?

Sincerely very frustrated and very disappointed,

Nothing …? Not even a “We know it’s been a problem for six months. We’re working on it?”

Hi @ThinkerThunker, thank you for reaching out, I’m terribly sorry for the delay! I’ve escalated your message to the team and a team member will be in touch with you via email to assist soon.

Hey Reyna, thank you for responding!

I reached out to Patreon tech support too some time back and again was told "we’re working on it.’ And again, it’s been six months now of working on it. So it’s looking pretty hopeless at this point.

I kinda wish I had known video thumbnails and links from Vimeo would be impossible here after an upgrade or two to your site.

But again, thank you for at least responding.

Be safe.