Virtual event attendance

I’m curious what the turn out is for those of you who hold virtual events around your projects.

I’ve done a few in the past and feel like the turnout is kind of low and wondering what others experience has been.

For example, we have an event coming up tomorrow and only have 9 people registered.
I’ve promoted the event to my patreon supporters (50ish), IG followers (~7,400), and on the last 2 episodes of my podcast (~2,000 plays).

What’s the standard conversion rate for virtual event attendance?

I don’t know what the conversion rate is, I usually assume 1% for sales but I’d have thought a free event would be higher?

I’m not sure what’s typical in terms of percentages, but I can say, it varies for us on what type of live stream event, whether it’ll be repeated (even with different guests), and whether or not it’ll be archived to be watched later.

We’re currently releasing new podcast episodes each week (in addition to Amanda’s other releases - songs, videos etc.), and as part of a patron-only perk, we had live Q&As each with with the podcast guests and despite having 14K+ patrons, and typically these weekly live streams had about 200 or so live attendees, with a bunch of views after, but nothing to write home about. Additionally, we had an expensive professional concert livestream of a full concert, free to the public, produced in the middle of these patron-only live streams, and that one got thousands upon thousands of hits.

So the napkin analytics here lead me to think it really depends on what you’re doing, the time of day (considering if you have patrons/followers across different time zones), pandemic zoom burnout (I get a sense that people are feeling maxed out on viewing computer screen videos), and what the lead of the event is. This may not be especially helpful because there’s no practical tips for you here, but I think it may be worth having a candid convo (maybe through an IG story Q&A or even in a patron post) to ask your followers/patrons for their feedback - what about the events would they change or what about them would make them more engaging for them to attend. it may simply just be people passively supporting and not participating for no real reason other than burn out or disinterest in holding attention online.