Voice Recognition & Dictation Software

Hey guys,

so I’ve been testing out a speech recognition/dictation program in hopes of getting myself physically off the computer a little more often since my wrists and arms have been giving me some trouble as of late.
I’m not sure how many of you have used such programs but I’ve got to tell you that it seems pretty neat. I’ve been able to use a program thanks to a friend of mine lending one to me and now I have my own version so I’m slowly getting it all trained up. It certainly takes some getting used to but in the end it’s been helping me use my hands less for non-art typing and mouse work and saving me a great deal of pain.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had wrist and arm troubles due to copious amounts of computer work so I wanted to make this topic for us to share some experiences and maybe different programs with each other.

I’m currently using Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking program and it is quite intuitive. I definitely suggest checking it out if you are in need of a program like this. I’m not actually sure of any other comprehensive programs like this that can do all that Nuance can do but if you have any other suggestions of programs to try I’d love to hear of them. (I got Nuance due to a suggestion from a friend however it can be quite pricey. Though I managed to find it on sale for $50 Canadian at Staples, which is a STEAL. I do need to find myself a less cumbersome headset to use with it since the one I’m currently using the gaming headset is quite large and heavy after a while and the one the program came with isn’t computing with my computer too well but I’ve written this entire post with Nuance and haven’t had to type a word myself. I can tell you that my carpal/tendinitis is very happy that I don’t have to use my wrists as much.)

There are most certainly some limitations, though I’m sure there are things that I don’t know just yet, I’m still learning. But considering I only had to make a few corrections on this post and mostly just words that have similar pronunciations or similar pronunciations with different spellings it’s pretty cool so far. I can get up and stretch walk around since my headset is Bluetooth and I can even cook, clean or create while working on it just provided that the microphone is not on while I am making noise.

(This part I did type: I have no idea if there is a good place for this since there isn’t an “all creators” section but everything is broken into different types of artists and this topic i think could be useful to everyone so i’ve just put it into the “Getting started” section since that seems to be the “general” alternative.)


I love this info, thanks a bunch! Have you tried google’s built-in voice typing for google docs? I know it’s not quite the same cos you’d have to then copy paste the text where you wanted it to go


I haven’t tried it yet, no, but I might give it a go! Thanks for the suggestion! :smiley:

I believe the program i’m using will dictate right into google as well as allow me to control my computer using voice commands more thoroughly outside of documents as well. (It’s really robust. I can turn programs on and off and get around quite efficiently.)