Waiting for eligible patrons

Hello folks.
I already contacted Support team regarding this issue, but since I haven’t got any solution so far, I’m gonna explain it here as well in case I can get any ideas to solve it or avoid it.

As I want my patrons to be able to join my new Special Offers, I set them to last a few weeks as you can see in the attached screenshot.

The problem is that, as soon as they become a patron of the tier which includes my Special Offer, they won’t appear in my Benefits tracking section; not until the Special offer ends, when all of them appear at the same time.

( In the screenshot from above, I already have members joining the Special Offer tier, but Benefits tool ignore them while it is still running ).
I need to mark completed benefits while the special offers are still available, because these patrons are already receiving their rewards. If I have to do it when it ends, I have to check who did for the last weeks, which is not how Benefits tool is useful.
I hope I made myself clear. Any ideas ?

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I think I had the same issue when I ran my special offer. I didn’t figure anything out with it, though. Sorry I can’t be more help!