Wanted: Dead Account Unfollow Link (Posting Here Just To Expedite The Process)

Let me make this clear: this is not a complaint.

I’m getting the impression the answer to my original inquiry will require the engineers and coders to add a feature, so I’m posting this here just to help the process along. I have already written in to support and they have responded my comments.


I’m cleaning out old accounts I’ve followed but never actually subscribed to, and apparently there’s a couple that no longer exist, and a few more under review. I would like to stop following the ones that don’t exist anymore, but I can’t! There’s literally no link to click nor box to uncheck to dismiss them!
I know I’m not being charged, and since these accounts aren’t posting new content I won’t have trouble that way either, but is there a way to drop these dead/zombie accounts to clean up my list? Is there something in the help, FAQ, or Patreon U pages I missed?

Patreon Support:

Thank you for writing in and I was able to reproduce the same issue you described, so I shared your report with our engineers so we could continue to investigate.

I don’t have an exact timeline I can provide you with for when this might be fixed, but will be here to help if you notice any changes or have any other questions in the meantime.

Again, I’m not being charged for anything and I’m not getting anything I don’t want, the only issue here is cleaning my list of dead/zombie accounts. I’m not expecting this to be a priority, but I do want it on the list and this post is my best means to be certain it will be.

Thank you.

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