We REALLY need the SWIFT payout option for international payments

SWIFT is the only legal option to receive international payments in my country. Lack of SWIFT is the reason why I can’t get payment from Patreon for 2 years now (!).
The amount is more than double the average annual salary in my country. Can you imagine how painful it is?

Please, give us the SWIFT option, finally. We waited too long.



thank you for this feedback - can you tell us what country you’re located in?

From Russia, but the problem is related to all CIS countries (at least).

Is there an ETA for SWIFT payouts support? It’s vitally important to us.

Could you tell us how many years we still have to wait for this crucial feature to be implemented?

Or all we can expect is that you will close topics opened by creators asking to implement this feature, instead of first implementing it?

It is very sad to see such behavior and Patreon’s indifference to such a critical issue.

As noted in my reply on July 19th in the last post of that thread you linked:

Due to the age of this thread, I am going to close this topic. If you’d like to continue this conversation and request additional payment services, especially if you’re interested in region-specific options, please create a brand new thread.

You created this thread on July 13th, there is no need for the duplicate discussion threads.

Thanks for this feedback, our team is constantly working to add additional payment options, supported currencies and processing partners. While I cannot speak to timelines, it’s helpful to hear which services you have a good experience using as more options are considered.

Please tell your team exactly this:
SWIFT is a critical option. SWIFT is the only option that is suitable for customers in CIS and many other countries. We have no other options to receive international payments and therefore cannot receive our earned money at all.

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