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Hi. Found this somehow and decided to share my ongoing quest to see some positive and financially helpful changes to Patreon Creator accounts.

I have been advocating for separating tiers for some time. The biggest advantage for Patreon and Creators is that Patrons would be able to sign up for more than one tier. I discovered that my organization for my page as individual tiers means I cannot use the Special Offers option. With individual tiers I could make separate offers for each tier.

My experience with Patreon so far shows me ther needs to be a public contact option, so people who discover a page can contact that Creator with questions about their work or whatever is unknown to them. It would keep people at the Patreon page. To contact Patreon Creators for my own questions, I had to search the internet and usually ended up at YouTube, sometimes social media, sometimes I found their websites, but the process makes Patreon less inviting – how are future Patrons going to find them?

The other serious issue I discovered was providing a “DONATE” button on the public page so anyone can just GIVE a Creator any amount of money they want to without getting tied up in the system. If they come to appreciate the Creator, they will sign up later. This allows a ONE-TIME gifting option. – I decided to try a huge outreach for one year. I called it "My2020PatreonChallenge, my 2020Challenge, my 2020PatreonChallenge… and the goal was to find ONE MILLION people who would be willing to donate just $5 to my General Support tier called FOR EVERYONE. So far, NO Patrons, no questions, no comments, no nothing. I think allowing browsing people to donate without strings attached would greatly improve the financial options for everyone.

I think PATREON could be a L-I-F-E-T-I-M-E investment for Creators and their Patrons. Separate tiers helps to start and end small projects as the years go by and people change. I think it would encourage STARS in the public arenas to start their own development page so they can find and keep serious supporters for their work… throughout their lives. Patrons can join individual tiers as they want to get involved with a project. The price of the tiers can be any amount - and for established stars that amount could be HIGH to keep it for serious investments in the Creators.

I have tried to find new Creators to support through the “search” option… it is really bad, REALLY BAD!!! Some investment in this important tool would really invite people to support other Creators.

When I started my page, it was to hopefully supplement my Social Security Retirement Income, which started out below $400 and now is $407… so much fun to live on. I have to keep getting food benefits because my income is so low. Online income has been my quest for so many years, but for some reason I haven’t been able to generate anything. I hoped Patreon would be my final effort, take me to the end of my life and allow me to do things I always hoped to do in my earlier life.

It has such a wonderful potential… but, to be more versatile and inviting, I think the changes I shared would really make a huge difference for everyone involved with it.

I hope these topics will spur some news programs so everyone can benefit.

Deborah Martin

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