Webhooks not firing, Lifetime value is $0 in relationship manager for all new patrons since September 25th

As the subject line suggests, all new pledges since Friday, September 25th (that’s 3 days) have not had the webhooks associated with their payments being processed/account data being updated fired, and their “Lifetime” value in the Relationship Manager shows up as $0.

This means that for that time, Patreon has not been reporting new pledges to my system, and said new patrons have not been automatically given access to their rewards.

This is the second major issue that has occurred in the space of a month that has made me unable to consistently provide my 1200+ patrons with the things they’re paying for.

This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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A little additional information on this - looks like of the 19 who were coming up as $0, 2 had actually had webhooks fired for them. Those specific users had created accounts before September 2020, while all others had joined patreon in September 2020 (presumably on or after the 25th).

The data now appears to be rolling in. Still a handful are delayed, but it looks like it’s been steadily coming in over the last few hours.

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Thanks for letting us know and keeping us updated.

I also had some delays at the beginning of this month with the lifetime field.