Website Bug: Desktop Horizontal Resize Issues

This may be an issue on other pages as well, but I’ve noticed if you go to certain pages, like this one:

You will see our list of pledges. On the desktop with a browser open, if you slowly resize the window horizontally to make it thinner, you will get to a point between the “mobile layout” and the normal layout where all of the content disappears and nothing is displaying at all.



Thin layout:

I had a patron point this out to me when they where using a windows 10 50/50 docked layout mode, which splits two sets of tasks down the middle of the screen.

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Hey @Watsup, thanks so much for the bug report - this is a really important thing for us to figure out and fix. In this case, I was able to replicate and report it to the team but please do reach out to the support team directly in these cases so that we can respond to such issues quicker.