Webtoon + Patreon Partnership

I’m a fellow Webtoon artist and with Webtoon + Patreon partnership, all webtoon artists get paid for their ad revs as well as commissions via Patreon. Can we please get a payout overview as well for Webtoon? We have a detailed payout overview from our patrons but Webtoon pays $2000+ per month (at least for me) and we have no overview of it at all. It’s a huge a sum to not have a better overview or confirmation ‘if’ we even do get paid. The sum owed to us by Webtoon is just accumulate to the overall pledges we have and if we have lots of patron, it is significantly hard for us to see if Webtoon has paid or not.

I really hope we will be able to also get a Webtoon payment overview. Since Patreon is in this case the medium of payment, I do think it’s Patreon’s responsibility to show an overview of said payment.

This is significantly more important as Webtoon is growing at an alarming rate and all new artist that goes into webtoon, HAS to use Patreon to get paid. We need a payment overview for Webtoon. I hope I manage to show the urgency for this coming 2020! ^^

Thank you so much for listening!

Yeah, I always found it weird that Webtoon uses Patreon as a payout option. It kinda goes against the whole thing of Patreon branding itself as a membership platform, since Webtoon is a company and not an actual ‘member’ or a patron like individual people are who sign up to become patrons. I would also like to know why this integration was made this way.

I’m so happy that there’s more Webtoon artists here! I guess I kind of know why they partner up. It’s good business for both. Patreon gets more new clients and Webtoon has a medium to pay the artists. I don’t mind them partnering up as long as we do have an overview of what is paid to us by Webtoon. Just make Webtoon like a patron, just a big paying patron. I do want to have a overview for those payments. At the moment, we can’t check anything >.<

Hey @sakurada_yana, thanks for the feedback and making this post. My name is Allison and I’m an engineer at Patreon. You raise a valid concern about the lack of information available. I looked into the process that we run when handling the payments from Webtoons and the currently available dashboards. You’re right that this needs to be a separate metric to provide truly accurate information but in the meantime, here’s a workaround I can offer but is limited in accuracy.

The Webtoons payment usually matches the difference between two numbers found in the “Earnings” dashboard and the “Patronage” dashboard.

“Earnings Before Refunds” (https://patreon.com/dashboard/earnings) - “Pledges Processed” (https://patreon.com/dashboard/patronage) is usually within 1% of the actual Webtoons payment. The actual Webtoons payments are always made in increments of $100.

Caveats to the workaround:

  • We receive the Webtoons balance at the end of the month, so this only shows for previous months an older (eg, today is January 6th, so you can look at the numbers for December)
  • October 2019 Earnings shows September and October Webtoons payment (September was processed on October 2nd, 2019, October’s payment was processed on October 31st, 2019)
  • I saw some inconsistency before August 2018 (which I suspect is due to the payments changes we made rolling out “charge upfront”)

I haven’t been able to verify that this is a good calculation across all Webtoons users, but for those I checked it seems fairly consistent. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow up questions and I’d be happy to help.


Hi Allison,

Thank you so much for replying! I wasn’t expecting one and I’m pleasantly surprise! Thank you so much for taking the trouble. And I’m really happy that Patreon is looking into this and that the engineering team is taking a consideration into this matter! Thank you for the explanation on how we can momentarily acquire the needed information with the subtraction of amounts. I got this explanation from the help desk email as well when I enquired.

It is a solution, but it’s not really handy for the long term so I will gladly wait for any updates with regards to this! And in the meantime, I’ll just be going along with trust :slight_smile: since calculation and keeping track of stuff is not really a strong point. I’m really bad with number and if it’s not lay out in front of me clear as day, I can’t really process it XD I’m sorry I’m such a terrible accountant!!

But I’m really glad to see Patreon working on this and thank you so much in advance for your efforts!!



Hi Allison,

Is there any update to this yet? I’m curious if you all were able to come with a way for better overview now? Thank you again for hearing us out! ^^