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Hello! Please take a minute to share with us who you are, what you create, and what you’re hoping to gain from this workshop.


Hello Special Offer Workshoppers!

Thank you for this opportunity! My name is Emily Potter. I am an acoustic folk musician living in a gift economy model, and the director of the Million Kisses Foundation. I have been been traveling internationally since May 2015, offering free/donation-based concerts in 14 countries thus far. My one hour performance is called The Dream Walk Concert, where I combine original music and storytelling to create a meditative immersion for my audience to feel supported to be courageous in living their biggest life dreams.

I intend to utilize this workshop as a resource to further reach my micro-niche audience of light-workers, healers, and world-changers, creating a web of sustainable relationships who naturally choose to become my patrons. My overall goal this year is to reach $4,000 a month in patronage. I feel this special offer workshop is the first step. Thank you in advance for your support!



Hello, and thank you for the invitation!

I’m Amy, and I’m a visual artist working in natural media. I paint small, strange watercolors of strange cities, winter trees, full moons, and some abstracts. I also draw cartoon fan art, though I don’t really do any comics I follow a lot of people in that community. My Patreon tiers are mostly for early access and sketches, as well as a computer wallpaper a month.

My patron base is small but very loyal, and so I’m hoping to add some more people to my list as well as establishing a couple of new reward levels based on what I’ve seen work for other artists. I’m hoping to eventually break $400/mo – much smaller than Emily! – both through luring some of my lower-end patrons up a few steps and getting some new people.

Amy Crook


Hi! I’m Ginny Di and I’m a cosplayer, singer, and YouTuber — basically just a creator of various geeky fan content. I make costumes from pop culture, and then I do parody or cover music videos using those costumes. I’m also working on expanding into some web series. My Patreon tiers are mostly early access, but include quite a bit of personal connection-based things, like exclusive livestreams and a Patron-only Discord.

My Patreon was growing very steadily for the first two years, but it’s stagnated lately, which has resulted in a slowly slipping patronage. I’m hoping to bring in some new blood, and I think with the right promotion I should be able to hit $1,500 or maybe even $1,750 a month.

In the past, I’ve done “pushes” centered around milestone goals, where I heavily advertise a specific goal for a short period of time and sometimes offer additional rewards, either for Patrons or for everyone based on whether or not the goal is achieved. Those have been pretty successful for me, but I’m hoping this workshop will teach me more strategies for orchestrating those kind of events and offers.



Hello, new friends! I’m Chrysanthe.

:violin: I’m an autistic composer, violinist, singer-songwriter who makes things with strings. Specifically, I make indie chamber folk-pop, musical poetry, contemporary classical compositions, and of course the occasional Star Wars cover. Though I create in many genres and sub-genres, I almost always incorporate the best instrument in the world: violin.

I love being on Patreon. My tiers include rewards like MP3/WAV downloads, virtual movie nights, behind-the-scenes access, weekly practice livestreams, photos from my personal journal, sheet music, stems, and more. I’d say most people are interested in the MP3 ($3) or livestream ($5) tiers.

I spend a lot of time cultivating the Patreon community I already have, and growing relationships with individual patrons, but I have a massive stagnation problem. Admittedly, I spend much less time promoting my Patreon than I do focusing on my current community, but I think I’m out of strategies & motivation. I’m excited for this Special Offer workshop and hopeful that it breaths new life into my Patreon – my lofty goal for the end of the year is 200 patrons or $1250/month (I’m currently at 130-140 and $750-850, depending on how many people are declining that month…)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else, as y’all are cream-of-the-crop creators with wonderful ideas! :raised_hands:t3: ::sob:


Hi all! I’m Jordan L. Hawk and I write fiction. My Patreon is mostly geared toward early access for books, getting signed print copies, and the occasional preview of upcoming work. I’ve done pretty well in the last year, but I feel like my patron base could grow quite a bit if I could just figure out how to get them in the door.


My name is Ross Payton and I run Role Playing Public Radio, a tabletop RPG podcast.


Ross Payton is creating Tabletop RPG Podcasts | Patreon

Become a patron of Ross Payton today: Read 467 posts by Ross Payton and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.

We record actual play game sessions, interviews, episodes with advice and commentary and for our patrons we review old and weird RPGs.


hello all!
so glad to be here and excited to start on my Special Offer journey. i am a visual artist, mainly using watercolors and pencils. i am completely self-taught and have been using platforms like YouTube and instagram to share my work.



Hello hello, everyone!

I’m a self-published dark fantasy writer (the darker, the better) writing my 8th book.

I’ve recently moved all my online activities to Patreon and am LOVING IT (especially chatting with my patrons on Discord in private). I also have clients on the side, but I plan to make Patreon my primary salary (I teach writing—how to write a novel, from idea to sale, as in, how to plot it, draft it, publish it, market it and sell it).

Excited to connect with everyone and to share tips and tricks (and very dark secrets)—especially with other fellow writers—on what worked, what didn’t, and what new things I want to try. You know, awesome stuff.

Game to chat? Hit me up! LET’S DO THIS.

Thank you, Patreon. You’re making it possible for us. Much love.



Hi I’m Jase Lindgren, one of the three hosts of the Multiamory Podcast on Patreon. We create a weekly podcast about non-traditional relationship advice. We focus on ethical non-monogamy but we also have a decent audience of monogamous people who enjoy getting new insights and tools for improving their relationships.

We have been surprised by how much Patrons have fallen in love with the private communities we’ve created only for Patrons. We have both a private Facebook group and recently started a private Discourse server, though that’s much less active than the FB one still. Those communities have really helped with our

Our Patreon has continued to grow slowly but we’re hoping to boost that and help us to move Patrons up to higher tiers and to bring in more new people.


Hi Everyone!
My name is Martha. I’m a writer and illustrator. I first started Patreon as a way for people to subscribe to my paper zine, but it has grown into a legit revenue stream for everything I do artistically (podcasts, books, artwork etc)
I’m really wracking my brain about what to offer as my “special offer” …So many options!!
I’m currently making about 600 dollars a month. I am going to focus on my five dollar a month level. Maybe I’m aiming too low? IDK…Maybe I should focus on the ten dollar level?


Hi there :slight_smile:

My name is Mads. I make videos documenting the restoration of a sailboat. I’ve been uploading videos to YouTube for four years. Within the next 6-12 months, YouTube will be my full-time job. That’s mainly due to Patreon - naturally, this workshop is very exciting!

Oh and I’ll be flying in for PatreCon :slight_smile: I live in Denmark (Europe), but my girlfriend lives in LA.


Hi. I’m Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld, a science fiction & fantasy magazine. (Online, ebook, print, and podcast.) I’ve been publishing the magazine for almost 13 years and have been slowing making progress towards making a living from it. I left my day job last year, but still have other (related) work that fills the gaps to help make ends meet. We have a rather significant audience for the magazine, so we’re not after building an audience here as much as raising the participating rate–though either is good in the long run. I think my biggest challenge in this project will be coming up with a special reward. After 13 years, we’ve tried just about everything. Oh and to those people who might wonder if the “name in a book” thing works. Yes, it does. We just do that all the time. In fact, it might be the temporary nature of this that is making it harder for me.

Edit: It probably doesn’t help that our reward tiers are complicated. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to restructure them at this point.


Hello and salut! I’m a French-American artist, painter, portraitist. I make bilingual videos about art-making and making money with art. My blog is here: http://gwennseemel.com/blog


Enchantée de vous rencontrer virtuellement!

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Hey, I’m Dyson.

I’m a cartographer for pen and paper fantasy roleplaying games. I started on Patreon in 2013 and have been very successful all told (was in the top 100 Patreon earners of 2014, currently earning right around $3k per month here).

I’m trying to figure out what my special offer will be still - working on a big list of ideas and trying to narrow it down to things that will be attractive to patrons while not crushing me in the time-crunch.

I draw full time - 10 maps a month for my blog / Patreon, and another 4-10 per month for clients, plus the associated promotional work. So the hardest part of setting up a new promo is knowing that I’ve got serious time constraints if I want to keep the rest of my work happening.

My Patreon is still growing, but very slowly and it feels like a plateau right now - my average earnings in 2017 were $3k per month, and this year it has been $3180 - so I’m looking for new blood and patrons. I get a lot of new patrons, but right now it is basically making up for those that move on instead of increasing my total.


I’m Aaron, and I’m using Patreon to support building an app for mapping 3D-printable dungeons, caverns, and buildings for tabletop gaming. My Special Offer is likely to involve giving out 3D-printable Dockyards pieces (they clip together, so you assemble a map similar to Lego or Minecraft). @DysonLogos if you were interested in coordinating somehow, I’m sure we could arrange a docks map that could be done in 2D and 3D? Or @rppr, perhaps if you’re interested in taking some 3D-printed terrain for a spin on your games or podcast?

The Dockyards:


I actually have a dock map coming out this month.

Well now, that’s a happy coincidence! Are you interested in offering your patrons a set of 3D-printable models with which they could build that map? Perhaps with a discount for a 3rd-party printing service if they don’t have access to a 3D printer (at home, or in a nearby library or maker space)?

If you’re up for coordinating, it would be great if I could have a look at the map (preliminary version or sketch or whatever) so there would be time in the next few weeks to create any custom models needed.

Here’s the map in question: