What are some fun ways you like to involve your patrons in your work?

Maybe you include characters named after them; or poll them (NEW!) about what they’d like to see; or send patron “thank you” videos every now and then.

Everyone has their own special way of including their patrons in their work and I’d love to hear what some of you in the community are doing!

Note: I am researching for a blog post and you may be quoted in final piece (with a sweet link back to your Patreon page). :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

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I think my patrons involved themselves in my work by setting up a grant so they could hand out $1-a-month subscriptions to other patrons who couldn’t afford to become patrons otherwise. They have since collected enough money for 16 of those and have handed out four so far. o_o

I tapped the grant managers as members of my Discord Chat administrative team. They have kicking privileges so they can help me keep the channel courteous and civilized. :slight_smile:

We’ve been talking now about sponsoring people who can’t afford the Chat level into the chat–right now you have to pay $10 to get into the chat channel, but we’re discussing making “be able to give a guest pass” one of the perks of $25+ patrons. The community is very much invested in helping each other out.

Honestly they’re awesome people. Given the choice between rewards for themselves and figuring out a way to sponsor rewards for everyone, they inevitably go with the latter. :slight_smile:

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At my two highest level tiers patrons to choose which character I draw next and in which pose. Last year I hit my goal to go to an art museum every other month and do sketches and suggested they choose some famous artworks for the poses if they wanted as they both love art museums. In the Summer, one patron and I went to the Philbrook Museum of Art and she chose some artworks for me to sketch with my characters. In November, another patron and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Fort Worth Modern, the Amon Carter, and the Kimbell and she did the same. I’m starting those sketches this month and it will be really fun to reminisce about their visits, the fun we had, and all of the fantastic art we saw.

(Also used that poll function the first day it came out and LOVE it!)

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I love this oh so very much! I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea of preventing some people from connecting with my art based on their financial situation.

This is totally AWESOME!

My patrons are involved in so much of the decision-making process in my world!

As you know, I used the polling feature to find out which 10 of my 17 new songs would be on my upcoming live album.

It was SO exciting to see which they chose, made me happy in all the ways.

I also ask their opinions and advice for many areas of my creative life. They help me name songs, choose which songs to make videos for next, etc etc.

It’s a wild and beautiful journey!

I agree with that polls are a really good way to get Patrons involved!! I also provide multiple ways of messaging/getting in touch with me and constantly encourage conversation and suggestions and feedback.