What are the best "welcome to my Patreon" you have seen?

Creators can find it hard to know how to introduce their community to their Patreon page. Sometimes making a little video can be the best way, or a drawing. Let’s start a thread about some of the best and most inspiring examples out there for future creators to learn from :slight_smile:


Here are some I’ve found that stand out to me as great examples to kick us off. The reason these ones are worth sharing with you is that I feel they do a few things really well:

  1. They set up what their Patreon is for, and why it’s important to them
  2. They showcase their brand, tone, style, or that special something that makes them unique
  3. It’s clear for anyone to understand, whether you’ve heard of Patreon before or not.


Illustrated Intros




I loved your selections, specially:

Im suscribed to his youtube channel but never checked his Patreon until now

Thats true, presenting ourselves (or for most of us) is hard. Most of my fav artists I follow don’t have an interesting “Welcome” but I found one really lovely

https://www.patreon.com/johnnywander - comics


I used to have this one attached in my Bio, but my page was temporarily banned until I deleted it because of its adult content.
I haven’t been able to come across with an alternative to it which could tease my work somehow without breaking Patreon guidelines.
Any suggestions?
Thanks !

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Awesome selections! One of the channels that I think had a great welcome was Animat’s which is here:

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Thanks for this,I know I need a huge update on my Patreon page, will come back and watch these when I’m ready to do that

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I just updated my welcome page! Hope you all like it!

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It’s great.
Except for the typos…I mean, if you’re selling yourself, make sure you’ve done a spell check.
Spelling ‘Bigger’ as ‘Bigget’ stands out in particular…that’s on Animat’s page btw.

Do a full spell check, and get someone else to read your intro. Spelling mistakes are bad form, and show a level of unattentiveness. This is what I noticed on Animat’s page and not yours. Aside from the spelling mistakes, it’s a good example.


Oh yeah! You have to be pretty careful in misspelling anything on your account.

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