What are you working on right now?

Thank you! :smiley:

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I’m working on my Kingdom Hearts review for my Reviews 2.0 series! I’m hoping to finish this review by next week.


I’m currently working on commissions for my highest tier patrons! Monthly commissions mean that each month is slightly different and fresh. <3


@Rabbitearsblog thanks for sharing and kicking this thread back off again :smiley:

@Ylvanaar welcome to the forum! I love the druid, natural vibes :leaves:

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You’re welcome!

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I’m going to be a featured presenter at a steampunk convention in September, so I’m working hard to get my next novel done so I can release it for the event. If I can pull that off I’ve got a few other related projects I can try to work out in time.


Woah that sounds great @mcoorlim! Would love to see some of that if you’re open to sharing :slight_smile:

Of course! When it’s ready for public consumption, though I might use Lens to share some of the production process.

I’m thinking of doing a Special Offer to give away the prior 6 novels as ebooks at the $10 tier, so patrons can be caught up when the new book comes out. Maybe the first in the series at my lowest tier.

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I’m doing an overhaul of the game WarScrap

You can see the game prior to my changes at http://WarScrap.io and then preview the changes I’ve made at http://dev.warscrap.io if you’d like. Here’s some screen shots:



We’ve improved the graphic detail quite a bit, raising texture resolutions and adding normal maps and using different / better textures. Added a new jeep model with a better physics system. Squashed many networking bugs. I’m trying to link up with more game creators to help with their projects, find me at http://patreon.com/snapkick if you’d like to talk about that.

Have a nice day.

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I just finished my review on Kingdom Hearts! I have an early access post for it if you want to see it early, but it will be posted on Sunday night on my Youtube channel.

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I just posted up my Kingdom Hearts review on YouTube. Check it out!

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I just created a new trailer for my upcoming week of underrated animated movies reviews! This is like the first trailer I have ever worked on! Let me know how it looks!


Actually we’re working on a new shortmovie

and at re-making our first videogame (since old engine stopped working)

plus I’m working to finish a bunch of stories and translate my novel The Black Blade. The Witch of the North