What can I use as monthly statements for my accountant?

Hey there,
I am living in Germany and want to properly set my Patreon income in my 2017 tax declaration. What data are you usually sending to your accountant? I was looking into the monthly report from the “Patron Manager” page but if I have done my math right, it doesn’t show the exact numbers (= what I really received on PayPal with Patreon’s fee). Just wondering what you are using! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help!

I strictly use what actually arrives in my account.

Yep, in the US you can use what lands in your checking account and report that. I believe that’s called ‘cash-basis’ accounting, and at least in US is the most common method used by small businesses and okay if you’re making something like $10MM or less per year (which is probably most of us ;)).

Not sure about tax rules in Germany, though.