What creative blogs/newsletters do you follow to get better at your craft?

I’m curious where you go online for education, resources and inspiration related to your line of work. What is it about these blogs that keeps you coming back? Anything you think they lack?

Here are a couple I follow:

  • TED
    I subscribe to “Today’s TED Talk,” which sends me one recommemended talk each day. It’s a great way to feel motivated in the morning without spending forever deciding on which of the thousands of talks to watch.
  1. CMX Hub
    CMX is teeming with helpful and insightful guides, webinars, and resources for Community Managers like me.
  • Highbrow
    Highbrow emails you 5-minute lessons of a specific topic over the course of ten days. I love how digestible and actionable the lessons are; my only gripe is that they don’t have a larger library.


I often find it way easier to tell what sites I don’t visit for whatever reason … same here :slight_smile: My problem would be that I am active in too many things anyway to need inspiration (something’s always cooking anyway, the only thing boring in my life is myself).
I love education - and find it very hard to find good education online. I used to love “The Great Courses” (via Audible), but 90% of those are very, very low level, lack detail, recent research or ways to verify claims made by the professor (there are some brilliant exceptions for sure). YT and Vimeo can sometimes surprise me positively, but that’s a very small “sometimes” in a very large “surprise” …
Usually I have some specific problem to solve and try to get some starting point through a search engine. Google doesn’t work for that as you mainly get advertisement or Wikipedia material, both useless for real research, so, depending on the topic, I may try some university search engines, conference talks or specialized forums. I don’t use Facebook (never did, never will), Twitter or similar “social” media, so my “world” is the classic billboard setup, though that is dying out (getting replaced by Slack, Discord and the like).
Luckily for most of the problems I need to solve there are others like me who collect their own notes and just publish them on classic (more or less static) websites like Matt Estela’s (a patreon btw) www.tokeru.com with 3d/vfx/pipeline related information, Nasa’s ISS life stream to put myself back into perspective or www.kaffee-netz.de for the really important stuff.

Realizing that this response is not really informative, I may add that I am still looking for newsletters, blogs or YT/Vimeo channels that I would love to follow. Somehow … I just can’t prioritize.