What do you call your wider community? 🤔

When talking about the total group of people who like your work (patrons and non-patrons), what broad term of these below do you like and feel describes them best?

  • fans
  • fanbase
  • community
  • audience
  • something medium specific (eg listeners, viewers, readers)
  • something else (please reply below)

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I use the terms community and readers depending on the situation. The community is mostly the people who are involved and I interact with on a regular basis. They’re the regulars who actively support the comic and provide much needed encouragement, motivation, and more than enough distractions! The readers are the lurkers who enjoy the comic I make but don’t particularly comment or get any further involved- and that’s fine!

I like to avoid the term ‘fans’ cause I feel that implies that I’m above them in some way or that they’re some sort of follower/subject (and others may feel differently, and that’s fine!) - Readers just feels more of an equal term. I make the comic- they read the comic. Simple enough. I like to interact with the community and not be treated as someone special just cause I happen to make something they enjoy… that said, I do enjoy teasing people with cryptic responses/sentences about the story. Ahaha.

Many of my closest friends now are people I met because they happened to stumble on my work.


I use the term patrons. Being someone who deals with the classical world, both in a scholarly and artistic fashion, the term appeals to me because it harks back to the patron-client relationship of ancient Rome and then to the later Renaissance.


Either “readers” and “supporters” for me!

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supporters, readers, patrons, or just ‘my people’ sometimes… I haven’t settled on a good term really


I use a lot of them though officially i call my patreon my community. Though i still do refer to them as patrons, fans, supporters, etc. I’ve not been able to come up with a themed name like some others do, that make sense and is fun but i’m still pondering that as i go.

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I also use the term patrons, patron-friends, and the community supporting my work.

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It depends on the context. Sometimes they’re readers; sometimes they’re followers; sometimes they’re my tribe.