What do you think of Patreon partnering with Podomatic?

Given our new partnership with Podomatic, I’m curious how many of you already use Podomatic for your podcasts. If you don’t use Podomatic, where do you house your podcast and are there things you really like/dislike about the platform you use?

Can’t say I’m one of the people who uses them. From my experience they’re not a company that is worth hosting with. The big two are of course Libsyn and Blubrry. Both are considered reliable although Blubrry is often cited as having superior metrics and analytics for podcasters. Whereas Libsyn is considered to have superior advancements regarding mobile apps.

Depends on one’s need those are two great options.

I know that some podcasters consider using things like Soundcloud, Podbean, Amazon S3, the Google Drive (hope not), or apparently Podomatic.

For me, if I’m going to spend money on media hosting I’d have to go with either Libsyn or Blubrry. Since I don’t spend money on media hosting (no, I don’t host the files with my webhost) I have another option that is allowed for all podcasters. The Internet Archive wants and likes to have our audio files. If you couple it with something like Blubrry’s free stats, a podcaster can do pretty well.

Should someone want to use Podomatic or any of the other services that’s for them to decide. But, maybe they should listen to one of the podcasting pros before they take that jump.

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I use Libsyn for both Full of Sith and Fauxthentic History. Using podomatic for an extra feed of all that seems like an extra step I’m not sure I’d take.

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I think it was a very bad decision. Podomatic is not only inferior to several other services, but if you sign up for a free account with them and later decide to leave (via say 301 redirect), they won’t let you unless you upgrade to a paid subscription. So I think Patreon is setting people up to be very frustrated.

I could be wrong, but from what I’ve seen they don’t pay very well. So with all this in mind, there seems to be zero benefit in choosing Podomatic over just about any other service.

I believe the best service out there is acast. They are new, but they pay better than Blubrry and Libsyn already. They have dynamic ad insertion like YouTube and are growing fast. If anyone wants to know more, talk to me and I can help.

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Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve been hearing a bit about Blubrry and Bibsyn, but Acast is new to me. Checking it out now. :slight_smile:


Hi @ellie

I use simplecast.fm for my show. Things I really like are being able to use the hosting for a site, being able to easily send it out to iTunes, Stitcher and RSS feeds.I can also post date episodes, so the episode is ready a couple days in advance, so if I’m traveling I know the episode will still go live at the usual time & date.

What I don’t like is that there is no template option. I inquired about it but haven’t gotten anything beyond good idea, we’ll think about it!

I tried Podomatic and wasn’t that impressed with it, but hopefully it’s changed in the past year?


Hey @ellie I would say that Libsyn and BluBrry are definitely the top two to look at. BluBrry also has a fantastic Wordpress plugin that MANY podcasters use. They have a tremendous subscribe to podcast integration within the plugin and would be potentially a great place for Patreon integration as well.

I actually use both. I currently host on Libsyn and use the PowerPress plugin by Blubrry for my Wordpress site.

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Hi all - Brent from the Patreon partnerships team here.

@westeroshistory thanks for the feedback; it is noted. FYI we started with Podomatic mainly because they were actively pursuing a deep integration of Patreon functionality into their platform, not because we were recommending them over any other platform.

@jody Libsyn & Blubrry were/are the next two platforms on our list of podcasting-oriented partners, though that is likely a few mos away. If you are a heavy user feel free to let them know that you’d like to see them work with us! You can also always grab a Patreon button to drop on your profile page.

Finally, you’ll be interested to know we are currently updating off the shelf plugins/apps for Wordpress as well as the other major site hosting platforms like Wix, Weebly and the like. More on that soon!


@brent I don’t know anyone personally there, but am in a few podcasting groups they are a part of. You’ll likely want to reach out to Todd Cochrane or Angelo Mandato at BluBrry and Rob Walch at Libsyn. They are the ones at the helm so to speak.

Thanks for the clarification.

The reason I find the Podomatic partnership distressing is that it seems like a decision that is good for Patreon the company but bad for Patreon creators. In my humble opinion Patreon should not do anything remotely akin to endorsing a bad service, which is what Podomatic is. It is completely the opposite of Patreon’s stated mission of empowering creators. In other words, it is dishonest. Anyone creator who switches to them based on this partnership is going to justifiably be upset at you all for steering them towards a bad decision. Patreon is cutting edge, Podomatic is shoddy and out of date. Sorry for being so harsh but I really think Patreon should have nothing to do with them whatsoever.

At least you aren’t partnering with Podbean. If you all go that route, ugh… I would be typing angrily in all caps. :slight_smile:

I am also a Libsyn user. Their interface is lacking, but they are reliable and have some very useful features. I am particularly fond of the ability to publish directly to YouTube.

We’ve been on Soundcloud since we started and have no complaints except that it’s not really oriented toward supporting podcasters. At some point we should probably look at migrating, but the downside is we have already established a decent following there. Would need to have significant gains to consider making a jump at this point.

Keep in mind that the larger your audience is, the harder it can become to transition to another platform.

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Another Libsyn user here. The best thing about using them is their excellent support and customer service.

We use audioBoom as our hosting company. They actually approached us when we kicked off…but it was an easy decision really as they were the only ones with an Australian office and local staff…so assistance is always at hand. We’ve been very pleased with them though and they use the power of their worldwide network to feature and help promote our shows.

Libsyn here, all the way. Of the ones I’ve tried, they’re the only platform I’ve absolutely loved. More integration with them would be killer for us.

Sorry for missing this post and thanks for the feedback John! We have talked to them a few times and they are open to the idea, but are having a hard time seeing the direct benefit to you, their customers. If you’ve got specific integration ideas that would be of interest, feel free to tell us (and, as importantly, them)!

A bit more context: we are learning that as cool as “support me” buttons are, a) they don’t really help too much with a creator vs. fan focused platform like LibSyn and b) member benefits that are unlocked (like patron only content and/or status/recognition) are much more effective in driving patronage. Again, there aren’t as many obvious ways to do this with a creator-focused podcasting toolsets as with other (fan-facing) platforms.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sorry, I’m just seeing this old thread for the first time.

I am a podcaster, with Patreon for nearly 2 years, and had no idea that they were partnered with Podomatic. What is the nature of this partnership? Why did Patreon choose Podomatic? Are there any perks/incentives? Any further information?

Having been podcasting since nearly the beginning (2006), we have tried just about every aggregator. Podomatic was quite lacking at the time, although I would be open to trying them again. None of them are ideal, but so far the best integration has been with SoundCloud — however Soundcloud does not pay BMI/ASCAP for music, even though they have a form for listing it.

The biggest issue is consistency — you really don’t want an aggregator going under — feedburner, for example…

I would be interested to hear more thoughts on this. Can we possibly resurrect this thread? Is there any point in using a service like Podomatic, when you can just host your own RSS feed?