What do you think of the way I share my music through Patreon?

Hey everyone! I wanted to get some advice on the way that I use Patreon as a musician.

I set up a single tier for $3/Creation, and I release a new song & a new love performance of the piece every month.

I obtained the idea where another creator gave a new song once per week, which I thought was a great idea! The reason I do once per month and per creation is this:

  1. My music is complex, jazz-inspired music. This style of music does not come easy when it comes to the aspect of composition.

  2. My current schedule as a student doesn’t allow for me to dedicate that amount of time per week. I wish it did!

What do you think of this? I currently only have 6 patrons, and I definitely want to make using Patreon a full time career. Any advice?

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If your creation per amount of time is already at your limit, maybe you might want to focus more on increasing your fanbase? I’m at that point myself so I focus a lot on promotions. Where have you found the majority of your fanbase?

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