What events/conferences are you excited about in 2018?

Are there any creator-focused events/conferences/meet-up that you are hoping to attend? What excites you the most about this/these events and what do you hope to gain from them?


Hi Folks! Patreon will be out and about at lots of things this year. We’ll post here so we can connect in person with creators at events.

More to come on some Patreon specific events in January, February, and March around the U.S.

Other places you’ll find us in the next few months: Lesbians who Tech in SF, SXSW in Austin.

Where will you be?


Most of the events I attend are niche/fandom specific to my creations but they are open to non-fandom people and are generally pretty fun for all.

This year i am attending the following events:

VancouFur (Volunteer / Vendor)
Has lots of crafting, art and educational panels. Dances, guests, supports a charity, lots of vendors, etc.

Fur-Eh (Vendor)
Similar to the above!

Howloween (Staff / Attendance Pending)
Smaller event but still has panels, games, vendors, dances, etc.

HomeCon (Event Organizer / Vendor)
Online convention. Artists stream over the course of the event, sell commissions, merch, etc. The site promotes the artists participating, artist run panels and more! Great streaming site build by artists for artists.

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This is awesome! Thank you @Temrin

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I am going to Gen Con this year and I have submitted 2 seminar/panel discussions on Patreon and Subscription Crowdfunding for Creators where I will try to provide advice to potential Patreon creators on how to set one up and improve existing patreons.


@rppr Please let us know how we can support you. Happy to supply you with any resources or have someone here do a quick call to go through anything else.

Bumping this to the top! Let us know where you’re going to be this year :slight_smile: