What Features would you like to see implemented in 2021?

My personal wishlist for new features in 2021 would be

  1. Option to withdraw directly to a bank account with no extra fees
  2. Possibility for people to donate to a creator without needing to become a patron

What is on your wishlist?


I’ve given my opinion before, and here it is again:


Banking would be very nice. Revolut and Patreon are both startups and I believe the partnership there could be amazing.

And then…
Maybe I’m missing something…

But the ability to make a reward every X payments.

Currently I have it just set to monthly and I wait for every 12, but I have only a handful of people who get physical rewards and it’s already getting out of hand.

I end up with a few dozen “unfulfilled” rewards and end up constantly trying to count how many each person has to ensure I’m not going over the limit.


I wish Patreon would quit making excuses and make the API their #1 priority. If we had a fully functional API we could do so much. At the very least, gives us the ability to POST new posts.


This. :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

I feel that with my tool for creators I’ve reached the current limit of the API: I’m already exporting and processing all the data that is provided to generate reports and send automated emails.

But there is more data (especially about pledges) that would be super useful and that would allow me to add even more tools.

For example allowing to export all Patreon posts (some data is currently missing), or if there was a way to create/update posts I could easily add a way to bulk update them (eg. for changing the tiers), and so on :nerd_face:


To be honest, what I really want right now and have wanted since I’ve joined Patreon is the ability for non-US creators to withdraw to their bank account. Soo many other websites allow this to happen, I don’t see why Patreon can’t either.

I mean, we’ve already got this that and the other currency, so why don’t they let us deposit that into our accounts without having to go via Paypal or Payoneer? Team up with Wise (fka Transferwise) or something!


When I click on a notification in my email the link takes me to the question the Patron has asked and not just the forum. It can take me many minutes if the Patron has responded on an earlier post and that post is shown in its compassed state. If the Patron removes the question then I am at a loss as no subsequent notification alerts me to this.


I would love to see a feature that enables a creator to download all historic text posts into one file. This would be especially useful for writers.


I also agree with LETTIN US PICK WHICH TIERS CAN BE SEEN on our first page! Many people don’t even know about my higher tiers because they aren’t seen right away. It’d be great to pick which ones to show people.

Also, I’d love a better system to organize my past posts so my patrons can find and search them. Many patrons join to access past content, like classes and tutorials, and the scroll option isn’t great… the tag sorting is an okay fix, but I’d love to be able to created featured content on top or the like.

  1. Alternative payout options, more friendly for creators (like Transferwise).
  2. Partial payouts.
  3. Real number of active patrons on the page (who are currently staying subscribed).

An integration with Revolut would be awesome for payouts!

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Automated emails (to be customized by us) to folks who have declined cards, who unsubscribe, etc.

  1. To be able to move posts in bulk: I wanted to create a new tier but with the number of posts I have it seems impossible to go and edit them one by one. To keep scrolling way back and all is too much.
  2. Folders: when patrons click on a book they can click next to the following chapter.
  3. When a patron depledges or cancels, for patreon to show the true number of people still pledged so when the first hits there is no huge dip in numbers and the lesser shock one gets as you have time to adjust to the numbers.

We need better content organization tools than tags in an endless scroll-down.
That is soo 2005, honestly.

  • Galeries f.e.
  • media player (for video-artists and musicians)

I would like to:

  1. receive payments directly to my bank account in Europe.
  2. have the possibility to set the first month, for example, at 10 dollars, and the following months at 3 dollars.

Strongly agree, but I’d like to add that we should also have control over how many tiers are displayed. Three is too few for some of us.


A ‘Next Chapter’ button for multichapter/playlist/series posts


A workin message system with some way to organize/delete messages.


I am on the pay-per-thing model instead of the pay-per-month model. I would like to be able to quickly tell:

  • how many Paid Things have I made this month?
  • if I make another Paid Thing, how much will it be worth at the end of the month assuming no changes to pledges?

If you are not familiar with how per-thing works, the second one is a little complicated - patrons set both how much they pay per thing, and set a maximum payout. So one person might be paying $1/thing with a maximum of $10/mo, and another might be paying $10/thing with a maximum of $20/mo. Multiply this by multiple patrons and you get a definite drop-off in the value of pumping out one more comic page or drawing or song or whatever; having a better idea of where I am in that value curve would make it easier to decide how to best balance my work between Patreon stuff and commissions.

It would also be nice to have a little graph somewhere that tells me “this is what each Paid Thing is worth”. Up to, like, I dunno, thirty or so, I guess?


Hey Margaret, maybe you’ve already seen and know about it, but there is an earning projections in the Earnings page. Would that help? :thinking:

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Ah, that is pretty much what I was looking for, thanks! I always figured that was associated more with the table beneath it.

It’d be nice to also be able to see what my projected earnings for this month so far are. Something like “That’s on top of our estimated $xxx for the other 4 posts you’ve made this month” added to that. And to not have it be lurking behind a tiny popup. Just plop that all right at the top, above the graph for the last several months: this is about how much you’re gonna make this month, scroll down for how much you made in the past.

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