What Features would you like to see implemented in 2021?

Please allow direct embeds for Cloudflare videos. Right now when I post a video with Cloudflare it just shows some “stream videodelivery” and when someone clicks it, it opens in a new page instead of being able to view right in Patreon (like you can with youtube, vimeo, Iplayer)
Cloudflare is a very large provider and this should probably be implemented.

A thumbnail page view of the vimeo videos we place on Patreon for a more visual navigation for our nearly 300 subscribers. We add three new videos each month and even with tags, things are getting difficult for our subscribers to find things, and will become truly overwhelming eventually. A thumbnail view where you could sort by a particular category, or at least see all the video thumbnails on one page like YouTube is what subscribers continually request.

If I could have one feature it would be bank payouts for non US creators. With Transferwise it’s easy to set up a US bank account. I don’t see why this can’t be done as I believe US creators already have the option to pay into their bank so why not let us also pay into our US accounts? That way we can save 80% on our conversion fees.

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I’m honestly still waiting on the “better communication” bit. We had a few live chats with a couple employees, and then it slowed down, and no one still checks the forum. I have no idea what’s going on with any plans or goals with what Patreon is doing or focusing on.


ko-fi gold, which is 54 dollars a year, now has a way to embed their recurring donation button directly onto your website. thank you ko-fi

  1. Delete Patron (on my list every year since you removed it)
  2. Include Reward Tier in the “You have a new Patron” email. Simple addition that would make a world of difference in processing new pledges as they come in.
  3. Give us control over what tiers (and how many) are displayed on our landing page. (One size does not fit all and your last set of changes that limited this has been detrimental.)