What Features would you like to see implemented in 2021?

They don’t mean they pay out to your Stripe account. They mean it pays out from their Stripe account to your bank. It’s confusing and I don’t know why they mention Stripe at all since even the link they provide for Stripe’s policies says it’s for the platform (Patreon), not for the people clicking that link.

I wish it paid out via Stripe. Then I could port my subscribers to another platform.

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Yes that would be amazing!

Well, it may work as a workaround for the Square Banking option. I just figured out it actually assigns routing and account numbers, so I may be changing our current payout PayPal option, to the Stripe version in order to deposit into our Square Checking Account. Thank you!

Well, since we’re doing this song and dance again, I guess I’ll copy my wishlist over from the Pain Points thread, since it’s basically the same thing.

1) Multi-chaptered posts
I’m a writer and I write multi-chaptered stories. it would be a HUGE benefit to be able to turn my 1000+ posts into coherent, easy to read stories that have a convenient next-chapter button! PLEASE work on this one. I can’t be the only creator who posts chapters of things and would love some way to let my patrons read them in order without having to embed all the links myself.

A system like Archive Of Our Own or Wattpad would be a blessing. Just give us a ‘next chapter’ button, for the love of all that’s holy.

2) A masterlist system
The tagging system is… okay. Barely okay. I have a huge body of work, with many series that are interconnected. My current masterlist is a massive home-brew please-save-me mess that functions, but only just. Some way to show my patrons all of the different series, with short summaries, without them having to scroll through everything, would be a boon.

3) Automatic Tier Adding
The last time I launched a new tier, I had to go through my 1000+ post history and manually add the new tier to them. You know what sucks? going through more than 1000 posts just to add a new tier
Holy $deity. Please fix this.


+1 for all of this. ALL of this would be great please.


The posting system needs bulk organization tools

  1. Tags. We need an option to select all posts that we want to give a certain tag, rather than having to edit them individually.

  2. Assigning New Tiers to Posts If we create a new tier, by default it doesn’t have access to any exclusive posts. It’s kind of ridiculous having to add that new tier to every individual post that it should have access to - there could be 100s if not 1000s. The solution is the same as the above point: We need an option to select all posts that we want to give a certain tier, rather than having to edit them individually. This is incredibly important for repricing/changing/adding tiers which I’m planning to do in the near future. (Maybe you could also make a feature to transfer/duplicate access privileges from an old tier to a new one.)

The issues I’m looking at mainly are with tagging and creating new tiers, but I’m sure there are other posting issues that could be resolved in these ways (maybe something about the DM system as well). Speaking of DMs I saw a post about a nice email-style format for composing bulk DMs - a nice large box for composition, rich text formatting, etc. and totally second that.


i only come here to complain usually so i wanted to say: the small but cool changes made in the email sent to everyone are really good and a step in the right direction. they feel like changes made by someone who actually uses the site instead of someone who views it as an abstract concept. really good stuff, ty. ps please consider dark mode for desktop as well. aah my eyes oof ow


How many of these have been implemented?

PLEASE give us an OWNER MANAGED, front and center, EASY TO USE GALLERY! Please!


Due to local laws change I can’t use Payoneer in my country anymore. Also there is a real probability that one day I won’t be able to use PayPal too :worried:
Patreon please give us more payout methods!

Image GALLERIES with an ability to filter content based on tags.


Overall, it should be made easier to organize and browse the content so patrons can find the content they are looking for.


if you guys are seriously wasting money doing crypto shit instead of making the website usable im going to blow a gasket

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It would be amazing if you could get the Discord bot to send a message in a channel when someone becomes a Patron. Teespring/Spring has this feature whenever someone buys merch.

I have a “feed” channel on my Discord server for things like this. I’m sure it would encourage new Patrons which would benefit everyone.