What happens when new Patrons choose the wrong tier for their pledge?

I have a question! Context: sometimes a new Patron will sign up and pledge, say, $10, but they select the wrong reward tier, often the “$1 Reward”. This is usually an error - the user is new to Patreon and unfamiliar with the whole tier/rewards process - but in any case, the result is that when you look them up in Relationshiop Manager, that Patron is listed as a “$10 Pledge” and also as a “$1 Reward Tier”.

My question is this: when I make a post that is supposed to be visible only to Patrons who pledge $10 and above, will that user receive the post?

Or if I can put the question in other words: does Patreon decide which users see a post based on the amount pledged, or on the reward tier that Patron selected at sign up?

Thank you for clarifying this!

Suggestion: if it’s based on the reward tier selected, it would be great if this could be changed to the amount pledged so that it doesn’t really matter if users choose the wrong reward tier - they’ll still receive the appropriate reward. Unless of course they chose “No reward” at sign up.


It’s the reward tier. In fact, it’s entirely possible for someone to choose to pay the creator something without selecting any reward at all (some supporters will do that intentionally, because they just want to back the creator).

If someone chooses the wrong tier, they can correct their choice in their own membership settings. If someone complains to you, you can always direct them to the current how-to article about it.

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Blockquote It’s the reward tier.

Thanks @Th_Mole - may I ask how you know this, are you from Patreon? Or can you please point me to where you obtained this info?

Blockquote If someone chooses the wrong tier, they can correct their choice in their own membership settings

Yes, I am aware of this but it’s not practical to have to explain this to new Patrons on a regular basis. And even when I do explain it, most don’t end up editing their settings once signed up. Which means they end up missing out on reward-based posts that should be reaching them.

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I’m a creator, not a staff member. I just searched the site’s help center pages: https://support.patreon.com

Currently Patreon doesn’t have a means for you to alter a member’s account. If the new member doesn’t want to sign back in and make the correction to get everything they could have, there isn’t much you can do about it other than remind them.

If this is unsatisfactory, you can try submitting a request direct to Patreon for assistance. The link to do so is near the bottom of the page I just linked to and is labelled “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us a note and we’ll help you as soon as we can.”

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