What is going on?

I just witnessed my income drop with no drop in patreons. What is going on ? Also my total income is way less then it should be. Way way less. I mean Patreon fees and taxes can’t be this mutch. It’s half. Please I need some help.

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Please can some one help me ? My numeber of patreons does not match my earnings

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Have any of your patrons perhaps lowered their pledges?

I only have one tier. No changes to patreons. I think I am missing over 1000 US dollars

Mine just dropped too, I lost $40 but none of my patrons have made changes or unsubscribed…

I was complaining to a friend about my low income on patreon even tough my patreon number is high and I only have on tier. While I took two screen schots at 30 min span I lost 50 dollars and no patreon. What is going on

I’m going to email Patreon and let them know - they’ve already screwed enough with billing/taxes/fees, this might be an unintentional effect of something they tried to change. I suggest doing the same.

That is really strange then. Not sure what else could have caused that, but I hope you can get an answer (and solution) from someone!

OK I just lost another 8 dollars and no patreons

Whenever it hits end of month/beginning of a new charge month, my total patron income drops significantly until all pledges are processed fully, then it suddenly bounces back up to where it should be. Not sure if this might be similar to what you’re experiencing. It definitely seems like something that shouldn’t be happening. My patron number used to bounce around too but that seemed to stop around 6 months ago


This is something new - my numbers also bounce around the first of the month but at least the drop in money correlates with declined patrons. This is something where no patrons are changing their tiers or unsubscribing, but money is going missing.

It’s as if Patreon tried to change something related to billing/income and now it’s affecting some creators for the negative. I’ve seen another $25 go missing in the last day, but I haven’t had a single patron unsubscribe or change tier in 2 weeks.

I’m not working at Patreon, but during the last few months I’ve been working on a side project that downloads all pledges data and creates reports in order to help creators tracking earnings and patrons (and reach out to them).

If you’d like to give it a try (for free, that’s on me :wink:) you could use it to see if there are mismatches, and compare it to what Patreon shows (it’s based on their data after all).

In that case I could also try to help you by checking them out as well and see if anything comes up.

If you (or anyone else) are interested just send me a DM and I’ll send you the instructions with the next steps :upside_down_face:

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Another thing that I’ve recently noticed (and I think it was mentioned in another post as well) is that Patreon is including in the Active patrons even those patrons that have canceled their pledge, until they’ll have access to the page (ie. the end of the month).

It could be that the earnings that they show reflect the active patrons, and at the end of the month they get updated to exclude those who canceled during the month. But it’d be weird that they’re not updated at the same time.

This is just an assumption :man_shrugging:

That actually makes sense… that just makes it extra annoying (and for me, anxiety-inducing, considering this is how I pay bills/rent). It used to be that they were updated at the same time and it was easier for me to calculate how much money I’d have based on how many people have left from looking at my Patreon count. Now I have to take extra steps… thanks, Patreon.

Yeah, from their point of view it’d make sense to show how many people still have access to the content, but that just complicates understanding how many people are still actively supporting you :disappointed: That’s why I created such tool I mentioned above :grin:

This is what I have noticed too and I am not a fan >> I am anticipating “losing” 4 patrons today who cancelled their pledges in January. But I am frustrated that they are still listed in there at this time (9am here) and I’d rather they be removed from my patron list upon their immediate cancellation as my page looks like it has more patrons than it technically does and that affects my bonuses and milestone goals.

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If you wish to see the real number of Patrons, you’d have to go to ‘relationship manager’ and filter ‘active patrons’.

I just did that, I normally do it anyway since Patreon likes to glitch on me… I really wish they’d just go back to what it used to be like. I’m working on moving to another site though, so hopefully I won’t have to deal with it for much longer.

True, I’d probably try Wix seeing some of my creator friends prefer it over Patron.

Not entirely accurate. Active patrons also includes those that have cancelled (and they are not showing up in cancelled) due to their access not yet expiring so they really aren’t active. Mine also seems to be off -1 even accounting for that.