What is one thing (real or ficticious) that would help you the most as a creator?

Doesn’t have to be something that exists! I’m really curious what one item/invention/super power/etc. you feel would have the most positive effect on your life as a creator if you had it.

For me, I think it would be an immunity to distraction. No iphone notification or snack craving could penetrate my focus on my writing. :slight_smile:


Mine would be a social media curator. I currently use a lot of social media schedulers and IFTTT type recipe’s, but ONE DAY I hope I can afford to pay someone to help me with analysis, more promotion, etc, so I can focus more on the creative aspects of my job. :heart_eyes:

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Love this, Shannon! I totally see how this could be so valuable for a present day creator. As technology gets more advanced and media consumption changes, creators have to constantly be learning new ways to promote and stay atop of marketing efforts. It can be really hard to balance that with, well…creating. :slight_smile:

Like Shannon - I wish I had the perfect content curator for all my needs. I post my art to Patreon, twitter, facebook, instagram, drawcrowd, deviantart, artstation, youtube and, soon to be, tumblr. I have yet to find a way to post to all of them at the same time and the way I need, which is a big pain and time hogger. Trying to put my art out there takes up my time to actually create it!