What is the current length of the review period?

I have a second project that I am starting and submitted last week. I don’t remember the review process taking as long the last time I launched. I admit memory may be fuzzy and procedures may have changed, but none of this alleviates an anxious creator.

I have read (not by staff, admittedly) that the process only happens if you mark your content as Adult Content. If that is the case, it was completely on accident and would desperately want it changed.

Any insight and help is appreciated.

I just started a third project and it took about a week to review.

I couldn’t tell you if it’s only adult content that gets reviewed as I have a second project that was adult content that never underwent a review when I first launched and my original project, sfw, also was never reviewed. I think the entire review process is relatively new and maybe they’re reviewing everyone to make sure people aren’t marking their Patreon as sfw so it will show up in searches when it really isn’t. That’s just my guess.

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Hey @Jeshields! Thanks for the post, we don’t give a set time for the review period as every creator page is different and might require different amounts of time to review. Let me know if your page still hasn’t been approved in a few days and I can enquire for you.

I appreciate the response. I figured it was just sitting in a queue. In a couple days it will have been 2 weeks since I submitted. I understand not committing to a set time for the review period, but giving at least a general time frame will help us keep a proper frame of mind during that period.

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@Jeshields can you send me the URL for your second project so I can look into this? I agree - 2 weeks seems like a long time with no communication or time frame expectation.

Sure thing. Patreon.com/JeStockArt
It’s actually just reactivating an old one that I have revamped, so maybe it fell under a different queue? Not sure how things work on the other end. :slight_smile:

thanks! let me check in with the review team and I’ll let you know.

Thank you! Page is approved! Any insight on the backend why it may have taken so long? Anything others can do to avoid that kind of wait?

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Happy to hear your page is approved! The team has been working through an unusually high amount of volume and since they review every account with human eyes, it unfortunately affected the launch time for some of our creators. But! the good news is we’re actively training new staff to help with this so things should be smoother in the future. So sorry again for the delay you experienced.


Just popping in to say how much I appreciate that human eyes are going through it all rather than algorithms. It may take more time but I’m sure none of us want to be dealing with bots.