"What’s New” feature

New today! Our “What’s New” feature is where you can always go to see our latest product updates - big or small. Find it at the bottom of your left-hand navigation.

Why this feature? Well, transparency is important to us, and we want to give you a look into all of our product updates, big or small, and ensure that you never miss something that can help you or make your life easier.

It looks like this:


Nice! I sometimes miss the hangtimes or the announcement so this is a great way to see what’s new without havin’ to go search or ask my Patreon creator buddies.


I didn’t think of it when I was reviewing the list in my account, but announcements such as when the next Hangtime will be and a link to sign up might be worth posting in this.

The drawback is feature creep, because if the “What’s New” list gets too many things in it the notices will get lost or overlooked.

As it is right now this feature works well.


I’ve been asking for this for a while now, thank you for listening to our feature requests! It’s awesome! :heart:

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