What The Fund update

Hello! I’ve applied to the WHAT THE FUND help because I’m a full time busker in London, my patreon income is less than $150 pm and my busking income dropped down to zero! Street performance is actually become illegal due to COVID
I really loved the WHAT THE FUND initiative, I followed the weird-a-thon…just now, I don’t seem to have a way to check where the money in that “what the fund” went, and if I can be picked up or not!
Please this is URGENT! I sent out a few appeals to my patrons, as text and video, a few sent in some new subscriptions but this is definitely not enough for a human to survive so if I don’t get any kind of help even little I will have to give up creating patreon feed and even music and rush for a job as key worker to make my living (If i can, not sure it’s that easy as I’ve been just playing and performing all my life)
Please feel free to check fb.me/littlejohnguelfi or Instagram @ljguelfi for verification, then please please get back to me
Even a negative answer will be useful information better than having no information at all!!
Thank you

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Hey @Little_John_Guelfi, welcome to the forum. Thanks for the post and for applying to our fund.

I checked with the team running this and an email will be going out this week to provide an update on the timeline for the fund. I hope that helps a little bit and make sure you check out the resources we are collecting for all the other grants and funds available to creators impacted.

In case other folks are interested, here’s the email update we sent out to applicants today:

Hello there,
Thanks for applying to What the Fund and sharing your story with us. These aren’t easy times and we understand how difficult going through this process is.
The response to What the Fund has been overwhelming with over 10,000 applicants since March 18th. This means we won’t be able to fund every request, but we want you to know we’ve teamed up with a board of creators to review each case with the care and consideration it deserves. We’re working hard to make a final selection by May 25th.
We understand that some may have more urgent needs and have compiled some useful artist resources here. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this process. We hope you’re staying safe and hanging in there.
The Patreon team
PS: if you’d like to withdraw your application or have any questions, please reach out to whatthefund@patreon.com

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