What topics would you like to see in upcoming Workshops?

As we’re prepping for the new year, we want to make sure we’re creating resources that are relevant to you. So we want to know… What topics and themes would you like us to cover in future workshops?

No topic or idea is too small, too specific, or too weird. Thread up your suggestions here and we’ll do our best to make it happen! Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Two parts: 1.) Finding a marketable niche and 2.) tailoring content to your content to that niche.

I see a lot about increasing engagement in your current following, or marketing to a consumers of of a niche you’re committed to creating content in, but I don’t see anything more fundamental.

  • transitioning from revenue to profits; business accounting
  • models of patron reward content for different creators; moving between models or blending models
  • generating evergreen content versus episodic content
  • selecting content for tiers and consolidating tier rewards for improved subscription rates
  • polling, polling, polling, polling; the importance of and interpretation of public opinion
  • discovering and selecting stretch goals
  • managing content production schedules for consistent content publication schedules
  • building reputation or notoriety across platforms (e.g. how to avoid annoying FB friends while converting IG followers)
  • optimizing off-platform content release for conversion
  • planning public-tier content for marketing
  • promotions for digital content providers
  • feeding loyalty with long-term projects or long-term subscription requirements

That’s probably enough to spur discussion. I have not yet attended a past workshop. It just happens to fall outside my availability to attend.


I appreciate the help and workshops by Patreon!
Topics that can help a lot of people would be-

  1. How to retain, and maintain Patrons & increase the membership.
  2. How to sync/blend Patreon content with other social media accounts of a creator
  3. Innovative perks & merch ideas

Thank you & keep up the good work!!


Encouraging patrons to step up tiers. Optimizing YouTube videos to promote new patrons. Using Google Analytics to analyze Patreon traffic.


Love this question and thanks for reaching out!

A couple of thoughts:

  1. Creative messaging on how to invite and inspire people to join as Patrons (not just for content and specifics of what’s being created, but also related to WHY being Patrons of artists is so needed in these times and WHY allowing artists to realize more creative freedom nourishes all of us)

  2. Best practices for engaging Declined Patrons and Exiting Patrons

  3. Strategies on when to use in-house Messages & Posts vs/or/with Off-Patreon communication? (email, Facebook, other group formats).

Thanks, @reyna and team ~

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One topic that I think could be interesting is what to do after you’ve hit a plateau, when you get the impression that you’ve maximized the potential of your current audience. Is there more that could be done to encourage the current crowd to pledge more, or should the focus go into recruiting new backers?

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This is a really awesome list.

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Hi everyone! Thank you for sharing your workshop topics and ideas!

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