What topics would you love to see covered on the Patreon blog?

As we gear up for a new quarter at Patreon, we want to make sure that we’re sharing the best possible content on our blog — content that helps creators like you successfully run their creative businesses (think marketing, community management, data, etc.)

Are there any topics in particular that you’d love to see covered in the coming months?

Good ideas for podcasters to use as backer rewards.


Creative way to use the formatting tools to personalize your Patreon page.


I think you might have had one in the past, but I would like to see more tips on branding.

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I loved the recent blog post about useful apps. (Buffer should thank you for the $10/month they’re now getting from me.) I don’t know exactly what else you might post along those lines, but that’s been very helpful for me. Perhaps staff picks on apps that are useful for time and task management, like “Our 5 Favorite Apps that help us get things done…”

Ok, that title started better than it ended, but you know what I mean. Apps like Asana, that you mentioned in the 9 useful apps article, but also maybe Balanced, or if there’s one for hydration/ergonomic reminders – I know a lot of people have health issues from creative work because we are so focused on it and don’t take breaks. (Personally, I used Balanced to remind myself to hydrate, but I’d really love to hear if there are any where you can set reminders to do specific ergonomic stretches every ____ minutes/hours.)