What website you submit your game?

Hello Game Creators / Indie Developers /
What website you submit your game? to play the demo or Alpha or to promote your indie game?
i only submit on itch.io :smile:

Ps.sorry for my english


I think itch.io is the best smaller site. There are others, but I find they sell very few games. By contrast, Steam is by far the biggest market, but the question is if your game can/should be there.

Your game has a very nice visual style - you might find people on the Lemma Soft Forums who will appreciate it. If your game is in the right format, Newgrounds can also be a good place to promote.

Good luck!


Steam. It has 75% of the market and with only 7 games released per day, discovery is alright. It would probably be wasteful to work on any other sites for us.


thank you so much for your advise i will try my best
What game you guys make? RPG? or Action?

Sorry if i ask too much

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I’m not sure that this site ok to post game make by unity3d

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I would recommend Steam, as they have opened the door with Steam Direct to make it very easy.


Yeah everyone tell me about that ? i’m interested too :grinning:
Someone tell me it 100$-200$ for submit indie game
but i’m not sure :sweat:

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$100, which they give back if you make $1,000 I believe.

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Ah i see
thank you TreseBrothers you’re so kind

I submit mine(WHICH IS IN VERY EARLY TESTING) to media fire. I don’t know any other website I can submit it to. If ya want a link PM me.

We used to upload them at IndieDB, GameJOLT and NewGrounds but now we kept only demos on the first two, while we turned out from the third (quite an harsh community)…

Actually, you can download demos at IndieDB, GameJOLT and itch (from where you can also get the full games with PATREON Access) and buy the full version at GumRoad

GameJOLT, itch.io, Gumroad, NewGrounds, and if you get some money, Steam would be a good choice. Also, if you are just experimenting with your games right now and don’t want to release your game out to the public, maybe try something like Mediafire or Google Drive to distribute your demos.

Oculus Store https://www.oculus.com/deeplink/?action=view&path=app/2874821582600669&ref=oculus_desktop