What would you like to learn in the next year to grow your creative career?

Is there a skill or medium that if you need to master or the thing you wish you knew that would be the game changer to get to that next level?


I’m heavily focusing on video content next year, and have been reading everything I can about video editing and public speaking. I have social anxiety, and I freeze up on camera, but I keep practicing and it’s getting better. Video seems like it would be so much easier to multi-purpose across platforms, plus it gets more traction on sharing platforms/social media.


@zemus101 Looks like I sent you the wrong link–this is the thread I mentioned in my email. :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing digital artwork for a few years now, and starting on January 1st 2017 I’m doing a second Year of Creative Habits project where you share a new piece of artwork (or whatever it is that you do!) every day and write about it for 365 days. I did that back in 2014/15, and now a little more than a year later I’m doing it again. Only this time with photography. I figure learning about positioning, and lighting, and all that goes with photography would be a huge help with making art in general. So, next year is all about that :slight_smile: It’s kinda intimidating learning something completely new when there’s so many artists out there that are already brilliant at it. I’m also a little worried that this project will take a little time away from creating my digital art. At least I’m aware of that though I figure!

Okay, enough rambling from me! Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Funny. I just noticed your comment after I wrote mine lol I seemed to have been drawn to this topic anyways :smiley:

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That’s something I should also be working on! It’s pretty terrifying to think about. Making videos. I’ve done a handful of art and gaming related ones with just my voice, on my YouTube page. That was a positive experience overall, but it was difficult.

Good luck in what you’re working on!


I need to learn this too, and fast! I’m taking part in a comic anthology and just was told I need to make a video to introduce myself as an artist for the Kickstarter and aaaah that’s kinda big stress suddenly. I have a Logitech webcam that is decent enough for filming, I think, but I’d like to be able to edit the video files a bit to cut out mumbles/rants, and maybe also include pictures.

Would anyone know of a decent software (preferably free) for this? I’m not planning anything too complicated.


This coming year I’d like to set up pre-order sales and print my comic. That’s a big step already for me. I hope I can handle shipping right.

! Wow, what a cool project! It takes a lot of dedication to go 365 straight days on learning something. I commend you for doing this.

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@visualjeff This is the thread I meant to link you to in my email. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Ellie! The last time I did this the year went by really fast. Luckily I didn’t get sick or have any of those types of days where I didn’t feel like creating/writing :slight_smile: hopefully 2017 goes smoothly!

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I wish you so well with this, Kenna! If I can ever offer advice or support, do let me know! I’m kinda the opposite on the video front, I feel very easy in front of the camera. Not sure how I could help, but would be happy to feedback any time!


This year I really want to learn more about project management, time management, business management and accounting. My creativity and social connections feel totally awesome, but I get regularly overwhelmed by the ‘business’ side of things. Looking into some courses in South Africa to help me along

I would love to become more social on my social media. But I find it really difficult to start the conversation and to join in with others, especially as most people seem to just post content, rather than being social themselves. How will I continue to be social when I’ll be at sea for five months too? I don’t really watch TV so I can’t comment on the new StarWars or a TV show.

This is my resolution for 2017 - to be more social on social media, so any tips for this would be great, as I think this will really help me as a creator, because it will make me excited to create content for my audience and to get more feedback on what they want the most.

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Totally feel you on this, @natemaingard!

Are you familiar with Asana at all? I use it religiously to scope out projects. As for time management, I really like Hourstack, which has an integration with Asana.

I wish I could offer you some advice on accounting but that is very much not a strong suit for me. :grimacing:


Time management is my jam, so if you need any resources or advice, let me know! :slight_smile: Everyone is different in what will work for them, but I’m happy to help you find yours if you need some direction!

Hi Ellie!

Thanks for the lovely reply.

I do in fact attempt to make use of Asana…I think the problem for me is that I don’t understand how to lay out a project properly, it’s more structural than platform-based lack of skill. I get Asana, I love it, but it’s in my head where the struggle resides, haha.

@kenna, I’d be stoked to chat further about time management, for sure! Email me and let’s see what we can discover: nate@natemaingard.com.

Hugs to all

I need to figure out how to build my social media presence.This last year I average gaining 10 new followers across all of my social media per month which doesn’t seem quite right for the effort I’m exerting. I have a major disconnect there and it’s something that I’m just not doing right. I’ve got friends who say they handle their social media in 30 minutes/day. I’m lucky if I can get 30 minutes per site. It’s takin’ up too much of my time for so little in return. I’ve started scheduling posts, but I don’t see that increasing numbers. A friend in marketing said to focus on my top three which only cut down number of sites and got some time back, but didn’t improve my interactions or increase my numbers. I’ve tried makin’ calls to action, but they must not be compelling enough. I have the same 3 patrons replying. I’ve done giveaway promotions and seen little to no additional participation. I’m spendin’ half of my time allotted for art on attempting to engage with people and getting no additional engagement. I seem to have hit a wall and need some more actions to take.

It’s all technical stuff for me: I want to completely re-do my game’s UI, and that means learning something to do it with. Maybe libGdx, but if people have recommendations on what to use to make a good game UI for a Java game then I’m all ears!

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