What's a piece of advice you'd like to offer a fellow creator? - Submit a "Tuesday Tip"

Each Tuesday the Patreon team shares tips in what we aptly call “Tuesday Tips” on the Official Patreon Discord server as a way to help spark conversation among creators and to give info, advice, and ideas as you all create art and community with your patrons/members.

This forum is particularly helpful because there are so many threads and direct conversations offering tips to one another, general and focused, and I’d like to incorporate more of our creator community into this Tuesday Tips initiative and bring this conversation of best practices over here, on Discourse.

I would like to invite you to submit a tip for a future Discord Tuesday Tip consideration, a piece of advice, practical or encouraging, simple or advanced, that you think your fellow creators would benefit from.

Maybe it’s something that feels like at trick up your sleeve, your go to strategy for your work that you haven’t seen many other people do. Or maybe it’s something that’s super simple and easy to tackle and can be a helpful reminder to use tools right in front of you. Or it can be the best piece of advice a fellow creator ever gave you, whatever you think other creators should know!

What’s a tip that you wish you knew earlier in your Patreon journey? What’s one thing you think every creator should know, practice, implement or keep in mind?

Examples can be to create a workflow that has room in your deadlines for you to breathe, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Or to reply to patron’s comments on your posts and acknowledge them by their names. Or maybe you have tips about what time of day you should hold patron-only webcasts, or what types of content you can share as a behind the scenes look of your craft. And so on and so on.

To submit a tip, please leave a comment below and if you use Discord, please include your handle here so we can cite you!

This thread hopefully will serve as a collection of best practices as told by you and your peers!

Do any of your subscribers have valid cards, but Patreon can’t accept their money without them reminding their bank it’s a valid charge, every month?

I had that problem, and found the monthly call to my bank to go ahead and complete the transaction was a pain. So I set up Patreon to take their funds from PayPal, and set up PayPal to get funds from the bank. I can’t say this trick will work for everyone, but it’s worked for me just fine so far. The charges go through without any drama at all. Caveat: I’m in the US.

hi there, thanks for the suggestion.

It’s a good reminder to mention: if you are experiencing any payment issue, as a patron or as a creator, you should reach out to our support team to have them take a look into the issue, trouble shoot it, and look at all the account details to explain what’s happening and why. Payments are a very personal thing and vary by each account and the settings of the creator each patron is pledging to, it also potentially involves sensitive information that should not be shared publicly or in an open forum. If you need help with connecting your payment processor to your creator profile, or troubleshooting issues with your patrons’ payments, you can send a note to the team here for help: Submit a request – Patreon Help Center