What's happening with my income? New Conversion has changed something?

Hi guys,

Since changing my settings to let people pledge in their own currency, i’ve seen a HUGE drop in monthly income. I have been losing patrons in the last couple of months because of covid which is understandable. However here you will see what I see:

And then it says this here:

Whilst I have lost patrons in the past two months, I have not lost $200 worth of them. Is this something to do with the conversion?

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Hi @artbyemilyhare, thanks for reaching out! The earnings number listed on your page will fluctuate as patrons come and go, and as we retry declined payments throughout the month. While you can use this number as an estimate of your earnings, it will adjust throughout the month.

This article helps explain the estimate breakdown:

Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

Hi @reyna

No I’m obviously not explaining myself right. I’ve been on patreon for 4 and a half years now, I know it fluctuates. However, since changing my settings to let people use their own currency here this month my income has dropped by $208 dollars. This is my ONLY income right now and this is very worrying and has made me pretty angry. I have had about three people who have changed their currency, so this does NOT account for losing this kind of amount.

Start of the month I had $879 go through as income from patreon and before changing currency it said that same number under my avatar, and since changing this currency setting it states that I will get $671 (lost another patron overnight) - what is happening here? I have only lost $32 worth of pledges this month NOT $208!!! I have already been losing patrons last month and the month before because of Covid, the last thing I needed is a totally random drop in patronage. Please tell me why this is happening because it is not due to patrons leaving.

I know that Patreon stated that this would change how each patron was charged, but most of my patrons are still using dollars which is what my patreon is set to. You should have made it MUCH m ore clear, with real examples of what would happen when you changed the currency that it was possible I would lose such a huge chunk of income.

Please can you explain what is happening.


That really sucks Emily! I definitely won’t push the red button yet :open_mouth:
I’m so sorry to hear you are losing patrons, I hope things get better soon

Hi @artbyemilyhare, I’m so sorry for misunderstanding your original post. I checked with the team and found that the confusion point of earnings “dropping” when creators opt-in to multi-currency is a display issue. This looks like an error in the UX display, and our engineering team is working to fix this quickly. I’m terribly sorry for the confusion and worry this caused you. But rest assured, this number does not reflect your accurate earnings amount.

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It was reported several days ago…you would think this would have been tested, and if, by some chance, a bug made it past QA, that an urgent fix would be completed and tested. Of all the critical data available to creators, projected monthly income has to the most important. It sure is for me.

What is the ETA for a fix for this problem which was reported last week?

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Thank F*ck for that is all I can say. I hope you can fix it soon.