What's Merch Like Now?

I see that Patreon started asking for Merch beta testers back in April, and I know the system’s gone through some changes since then. Today I got a ‘do you want to participate!’ pop-up but I dismissed it because while it told me I’d have to agree to the 3% a month fee it didn’t tell me what I’d be getting for that 3% and I no longer know. I’d like to participate, but I need more data before saying ‘yes’.

(Getting this invitation via email would have been a lot better.)

(Also, I’m not sure asking people to beta-test things and then charging them is a great idea. If you want to limit your loss while people are beating on it, you might make the trial a time-limited thing, or only offer parts of the system for testing.)

Anyway, I’m trying to decide whether to try it and I no longer have information on what exactly I’d be paying to try. Is anyone using the merch system? Is there an updated breakdown of what’s available with it somewhere I haven’t found yet? Advise me, please! :sweat_smile:

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