What's one thing you learned in 2019?

In our Hang Time this month, we asked creators to share what’s the one thing they learned this month. There was demand to compile all the the answeres, so here they are!

  • “Putting your work forward with confidence results in more fans and more income” @thelatestkate

  • " Trust your heart, heed your gut, and don’t lose your vision." @YuuriVoice

  • "I know that Patreon does allow us to leave our retail job, and that’s happening this month after 5 years of punching a clock. @LeeHall

  • "Do something that scares you. @SarahDawn

  • “Failure is a necessary data point. It teaches you how to adapt next time. Do not fear it, embrace it.” @hate5six

  • “Realised my work has value and it’s a kindness to share it”

  • “Patience is easier when you’re clear on your personal values”

  • Not to be disappointed when something starts small, just keep going, keep trying your best and have faith"

  • “Little and often consistency each day.”

  • “Arete365 = Living your highest potential moment to moment 365 day s a year.”

  • "Visibility makes a massive difference.

  • “Don’t have your hand in too many pots and save some energy for your self.”

  • “I reduced the average time I spend on 1 drawing, from 4 hours to 1 hour, and it has been great to feel that leveling-up.”

  • “If the audience likes it, it’s worthy and worth doing.”


  • “Every creator needs an accountability partner – to keep them honest to the schedule”

  • “Don’t lose momentum - having a single, specific, measurable goal for the whole team is a huge help”

  • "To forgive myself… I do not have to have the “right” answer all the time… and that is ok

  • “You are so close, stay the course just a little longer.”

  • “Go with your gut! You can get more done than you think people want you to succeed.”

  • “Keep tap on what excites you”

  • “I think posting at least twice during the month has helped, and posting some stuff for the public has helped too. I still need work on figuring out how to stimulate feedback and dialog with my patrons.”

  • “Try stuff and measure how it works – or does not”


Thank you so much for putting those together! Great boosts and reminders in there. :smile: