What's the importance of limited tiers?

I was cruising around Patreon and I saw that some patrons had tiers that have limited number slots filled. I was wondering, what is the purpose of having limited tiers? Is it for patrons who are doing temporary projects? I would like to know because I’m thinking about trying my hand at having limited tiers.

Temporary tiers are great for a variety of reasons. I personally use them for tiers that are more time intensive like custom stuff. So commissions or one on one time with a tier is limited to ensure I’m not over extending my resources in a month.

Most folks I know use them for such reasons, to ensure that they aren’t spending a crazy amount of time doing something that could entirely take over their whole life and burn them out if they didn’t have a limit on it.

Now, pay up front and those who don’t use that feature experience limits quite differently but that is a different story.


Thanks! What are some good limited tiers I could use for my account? In my account, I mainly review movies and TV shows and I occasionally do digital art.

Limited tiers could also be used for exclusivity. Sort of like a special club that only a few lucky ones who manage to sign up for can get into. Just tossing another option for using it out there :wink:


Cool! What kind of exclusive tiers can be the most effective in attracting new patrons?