What's your biggest Patreon pain point?

Your new and improved relationship manager can’t sort by start date. While I had a calendar on my toilet wall in 1970 on which important START dates (birth, marriage) were marked. It’s relationship management 101. Or go and try to forget your partner’s birthday, or your marriage anniversary, see how that pans out.


Me too, I don’t care about new flashy things if the old things still aren’t working well (being able to search, for patrons to be able to look through historical posts using thumbnails NOT scrolling forever, the app working and not crashing).
That said I love the benefits thing for tracking who i need to send what to, that’s great.


My only major pain point is losing big chunks of patrons due to Patreon’s initiatives and policies, which has happened on two occasions now. I would really appreciate it if the Patreon folks concentrated on being a better creator funding platform, instead of trying to become an Amazon-like online seller, or trying to be the world’s thought police.

Hey everyone, thanks for bringing all these pieces of feedback and requests up! We too have been frustrated by these things, and we know that the major pain points are messages, notifications, and content delivery/organization.

This community is a great place to share this feedback. We surface every post with the product team, plus we have many members of the Patreon team who take time to read these threads in their entirety. We’re all interested in hearing what creators say and appreciate constructive feedback about what we can do to improve Patreon.

I can’t always share specific outcomes of these discussions, but whenever I can share insights or progress I will always keep you all updated as we continue to work on them.

Thank you again for your time and contribution in keeping this forum a happy, constructive place :slight_smile:


Not a pain point but I’ve been such a negative nelly on here lately I wanted to say:

The new design looks really lovely!


My current top 3 pain points, with #1 as the biggest issue by far for me:

  1. Very slow update of Lifetime Support statistics for patrons. This has been an ongoing issue since 2017, and only getting worse. Last month it took until the 15th for all my patrons to be updated, this month we’re up to day 7 and I still have patrons with stale reporting. My website needs this information in an accurate, timely fashion so it can grant rewards to their accounts on my website. I file tickets about slow updates all the time, but I’m pretty sure no actual fixes are going on. It never even makes it to the status page and everyone on Discord just tell me to file more tickets, so I don’t think Patreon devs care about this issue one iota. I get many e-mails from customers asking where their rewards are, and the best I can do is tell them Patreon is working on it and if they prefer, offer them refunds and let them switch to my other subscription provider.
  2. Anniversary billing - I need an option to have my Patreon campaign behave like every other subscription service out there. Instantly billed, renewed on 30/31day anniversary. Patreon’s CUF system means people get double charged, and the non-CUF version means people have to wait for the next month. Yes, I message these delays as best I can on my page – but customers expect subscription services to act in a certain way.
  3. Consistently fast charging - This would probably be #1, but my charges all went through on the first this month – nice work! Keeping my fingers crossed that continues going forward. :slight_smile:

I just started patreon late last year and my biggest pain point is lack of shipping integration. As it is right now I manually copy and paste addresses into shipping easy and boy it’s a pain, i’ve also mis-copied at least once now and send packages to the wrong place.

I don’t know if there’s some magic way to do this that I’m not aware of, but that’s my biggest barrier on patreon right now.

Being able to post multiple photos per post would be great too, all other social media allows it so it seems like a weird limitation not to have it on patreon!

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Hey there, head of product here at Patreon. Just chiming in to say thanks for creating this thread, the teams have read the entire thing! I wish we had about 500 more engineers :slight_smile:


By the nature of this kind of thread, it can feel pretty negative, so I just want to send a quick THANK YOU to the entire Patreon team for ASKING for this kind of feedback and for folding it into your efforts. Also, I love the new look and feel!


@Sify if you have problem with leakers, leak your own works directly, not only will make you be more friendly towards people out there, but actually giving people free good stuff is necessary to anyone who is trying to see if that stuff is really good to pledge you

but yeah, something like IP blocker could help you if they can add it.

grid and list views are a must for people who wants to see all your free content at once, like watching the best stuff,

something to not just like but add some depth to the post, not only likes or <3 emotes, but that is just a fancy addon tbh

a dark theme, you know, bcuz all white screens are so bright, and could help whoever is viewing our stuff, and most artist if not only me, works in the night >w<

  1. Sorting Through Existing Content. Like a lot of people here, I’ve given up on helping people find all the content I’ve posted on Patreon because there’s no search function (for specific users) and the system loads realllly slowlllly if you are trying to organize them by tag or date or whatever.

  2. Comment system. No threading. No editing. Pressing return posts the comment instead of adding a line break. This sandbox has a great comment box system. Port something like that over? :,

  3. Notification. My patrons keep asking me for notification based on content they care about. Can they just get emails with things tagged with this keyword? How about only for this tier? Can they get emailed when someone responds to one of their comments? What’s the community tab for?

Those are the big ones for me. I don’t feel I can grow my patron community as a community until they’re able to interact more transparently with one another and the content.


I’m going to add one other pain point: the exit surveys.

Maybe there are some user interface designers out there in the world who are more intuitive than I am, since I’ve seen similar exit surveys when I unsubscribe from mailing lists, but the answers are not helpful to me, and are often demoralizing.

The most useful answers are “- My financial situation changed.” and “- I only intended to pledge for a limited time.” It’s clear what those mean and perhaps the last one might be actionable in a general way (offer more tempting long-term benefits).

“I’m not happy with Patreon’s features or services.” is fine too, I suppose. If I got a lot of those, I’d certainly mention it here.

But the other options – “The creator wasn’t engaging like I expected.” and “- The creator didn’t deliver rewards as promised.” – are useless without context.

What was the expected engagement? What rewards weren’t delivered? 99% of the time, no information is left in the Feedback field, so all you know is that some patrons felt you didn’t deliver, but you have no idea why. That is frustrating. And completely non-actionable.

It makes me not want to even look at the Exit Surveys because all it does is sap my enthusiasm. It tells me I messed up somehow, but not how or how I can fix it.

But if you made the Feedback field mandatory for those replies, then I’d actually have some information to go on.

Would making the Feedback field mandatory for those two replies reduce the number of folks who completed the Exit Surveys? Absolutely. But as they stand now, without context, they have close to zero value to me (and, I would imagine, any other creator). When only 1 or 2 people out of a dozen fill out the Feedback field for those replies, and those responses have nothing in common, that’s not information at all.

In fairness, I will say that the number of folks who are giving me those particular replies in their Exit Surveys seems to have gone down some since I started using bullet points in my Tiers. So, on that level, I suppose they did give me some very general actionable information: make my Tier rewards as crystal-clear as possible.

But in terms of specifics, I still have no idea what rewards or expectations those previously exiting Patrons felt were unfulfilled. And that would be really good information to have.


I feel your pain there. But I mostly assume that is people that doesn’t even bother to read the rewards or want their art pack being finished the day they pledge.
Also Exit surveys should NOT be anonymous, so you can contact the person to see what’s going on an solve misunderstandings.


Since one of my three pain points has been rendered painless, here’s my new one: an overhaul of the support system. For this, I’ll point you to r/Patreon on Reddit, where there are daily questions about how long it takes for support to get back once a request has been submitted, and a whole lot of complaints about support requests that are never answered. Every request should be answered within 24 hours, by a real human. Canned responses don’t always address the problems being sent in. People shouldn’t be waiting two days or more for help—and they definitely shouldn’t be getting no response at all, which is what we hear on Reddit all too often.


We haven’t ever gotten anything in the Feedback field except for sometimes when they pick “Some other reason.” Is there even a place for them to write optional feedback on the other choices? It has seemed to me that maybe there isn’t, which would be a problem given how vague the wording is.

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Hi Shattered-Earth! May I ask which shipping company you work with? I’m just curious re: integration… it’s something we work on and get this question a lot.


Hi! I work with shipping easy right now when I’m not working off my etsy store! I know people who use shipping easy as well as ship station, IDEALLY in some hypothetical future the shipping element would just be integrated into the patreon UI the same way say etsy does, or storenvy even. I know that’s a big ask though, but if I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big :slight_smile:


Dream big–love it!

Thanks for the info!

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I’ve gotten Feedback for responses other than “Some other reason” so the capability exists. But it’s clearly not a required field and IMHO it should be, at least for those two responses I listed (and probably also for “Some other reason” as well).