What's your biggest Patreon pain point?

You are NOT alone in needing this feature. It would be a HUGE improvement for Patreon for me, too.



I’m a writer too and I 100% agree with all of this. I feel so terrible for new patrons who can’t find their way around!

I’d also love for my patrons to be able to in-line comment on chapters. I think that would be a fab addition to the way writers/readers get to interact with the stories.

Honestly everything you’ve said @Lee_Hadan…just everything.


I am located in Germany and receive a lot of Feedback from Fans that are afraid to become a patreon because of the language barrier. Also, the tiers still appear in Dollar instead of Euros.

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Welcome to the forum @Martina_Brandl! I’m so glad you’ve reached out.

patreon.com and our mobile app can now be viewed in multiple languages, German being one of them! Click here to learn more about how this works, and how to change your language settings.

We also support patrons who want to pay in Euros and GB Pounds. Creators and patrons both have to opt-in to updating their display currencies, but it’s only a few steps! See how to do this, here.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile:

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Please change the preview on Facebook in German. It is useless to share
and tease on Facebook, if the patreon-post appears in English. It has a
deterrend effect.

Content creators need a GALLERY link so our supporters can quickly and easily access our works. This is a gigantic miss by Patreon. Please, get this implemented ASAP.


I’m with @Eli_Bees and @Lee_Hadan. I’m a writer and currently setting up a world building course for writers and game designers. Having the possibility to “go to the next lesson/chapter/etc” and a TOC somewhere would be ideal!

/knowing full well I’m repeating myself with posts from other topics:/
My biggest pain point is with the whole of OUR page:

  • We have NO control over our own page. The fact that the “Pay me” overview is on top of the page, WITHOUT any information as to what the page, the project and the creator are all about, is ridiculous!
  • Additionally the “pay me” boxes (at the moment I really can’t support calling them membership boxes) are looking ridiculous as well all on their own. For each tier I’ve made a nice overview, with a picture and a description of what patrons receive for the tier. This is suggested by Patreon itself! And now, instead of showing my full description its getting cut short and it gives the overview of the tax things. Nowhere in the set up was it explained that what we use as an internal thing, is also posted in our tier boxes. Now I have the idiotic result that for a tier in which I give NO SUPPORT AT ALL, the first automatically generated bullet point (and mind you , those bullet point are ALL COMPLETELY shown!!!) says “General support” WHICH I DON’T GIVE IN SAID TIER!!!. Don’t get me wrong. I understand it’s needed INTERNALLY to make sure all the payments are reported correctly to all the tax organisation. BUT cutting off our own descriptions (which, if I may add has better information and looks aestheticly more pleasing) with these bullet lists that are supposed to have an INTERNAL/BACKEND function is utterly ridiculous and confusing. We HAVE to give these things for the tax divisions, I understand that. I don’t mind it that we have to do that on the BACKEND. BUT showing something internal on the public site??? It’s like I’m creating a game, saying I want to keep the code secret in order to prevent cheating and then showing the full code on my website.

I have send this as feedback and I got the standard answer:

  • We will send the feedback to the department (or whatever)
  • Our department has made this based on “Some research” and has concluded this is the most ideal way to do this (or something along those lines).

Don’t get me wrong, I know community managers send along the feedback, so this is not criticism on you. It’s criticism on the departments how have have created these idiotic adjustments.

Like , I think, @BrianJamesFreeman said earlier, I feel like, even though WE are the ones actually PAYING Patreon with the money we get from the pledges our patrons make to us, and NOT our Patrons, we are NOT considered YOUR customers by the other departments. I feel like we are nothing more than the MIDDLE MAN, safe to be ignored, to reached OUR patrons through whom you receive the conversion fees and especially the platform fees.

/end of rant

  1. My biggest pain point with Patreon is how slow it is to load and how difficult it is for Patrons to navigate the page and find things. The slowness is a huge buzz-kill and makes me reluctant to visit my own page and create new posts. It feels like every individual element of the page has to load; creating a new post feels like it takes way longer than any other site I’ve used; it’s generally a very unstable-feeling website, and that makes the experience very unpleasant.

  2. The fact that adding a new tier does not automatically retroactively affect past posts (meaning you have to go back through every single post and add that new tier to it) is pretty silly.

  3. The fact that you can’t attach files or images in private messages in the Inbox is annoying. When a patron is describing a technical difficulty or payment problem, it would be so much easier to communicate with images… being able to attach PDFs or documents as rewards to individuals, too, would be really helpful.

  4. I wish it was easier for a creator to view their page as a patron would. Discord has this nifty feature now where you can view the server as a “role” rather than as the admin, who sees everything; I’d love a feature that allows me to switch to “patron” view of my page and see how patrons of certain tiers see things. This would allow me to better market and customize according to different tiers. The only alternative is to log out, which lets me see what the public sees when they see my page, but not my actual, paying patrons.


Just butting in here to say that you can also either open a new browser or use Incognito (Chrome)/Private Browsing (FF).

I still agree though. It would be nice to see how it looks at different tiers, rather than just guests.


Hi there,

Glad you are taking the initiative on bettering the Patreon UI experience, because I really believe in the company! That being said here are my 2 points:

1 - I’ve addressed this many times for over a year in forums that I’m sure you’ve seen but I’ll link it anyways: Critical Pain-Point For New About Section With Quick Fix

2 - Having a “Dark Mode” option to cover your whole patreon page would be a REALLY GREAT experience for patrons and supporters. Especially since a main source of content shown is video, a dark theme around it would give it more of a netflix/movie/sit down and binge videos type of feel.

Thanks for listening & reading!


Am karl from Belgium … a new content creater from fotomanipulations from cosplay , celebrety’s and all other stuff
Make original content for AG studio’s supporting the retired model aria giovanni , she have a lot of cosplaystuff too and am worldwide the only guy who get approval to use her old content to make edits from
Since 6 weeks on patreon making original stuff , you would say a lot of people would be interested , aria has still thousends of fans on the internet
I keep it clean no nfsw on my patreon
I make quite a lot edits on insta for cosplaygirls because i love it
But no patreons after 6 weeks do not gave much courage , but i am not a quiter
Desperate for some advice please

Why you flagged those post , i just tryed to help


I’d like to have a free promotional tier where I can sign up influencers or other people that I would like to check out the content without any commitment so they can review or promote my page to others.


updating my pain point from more than a year ago since the patron manager was updated to something less functional causing a fair number of creators to straight up leave the platform, but the image previews was SORT OF addressed when they added multiple images per post.

however the messaging system, pages/gallery we’ve been asking for, and loyalty program that has been brought up countless times still hasn’t even been touched.

reading thru the list of pain points is pretty depressing. seeing just how many repeating ideas and potential improvements to our experience on patreon getting ignored.


Lack of communication from Patreon team, lack of customer service, the lack of addressing bugs, the lack of addressing feedback.

It honestly feels like we’re talking to a wall.


As a physical reward creator I have a few issues I’d love to see resolved

Regarding Tiers:

Properly locking tiers:
For context my patreon is a pay up front account that sends out physical rewards. Locking tiers in an ideal world is helpful especially to physical reward creators because it helps a creator lock in how much product they will be purchasing for their patrons, as many types of products need to be purchased several months in advance, however the current system for locking tiers has a huge flaw in it that allows for an infinite amount of people to pass through it. When a person deletes their pledge it does not remove the month they have already paid for but only stops them from being charged going forward, despite that it still opens up a slot in a locked tier. Say for example for the month of January I have a maxed out 100/100 patrons on a tier and someone deletes their pledge, that person is still getting a reward for January, but the tier now reads 99/100 and a new person has joined their empty slot. I now need to send out 101 rewards not 100, and this can keep going indefinitely. If people keep deleting pledges and new people keep joining there’s no real way to know how much product to order. I’ve had months where I’ve ordered a surplus of product and enough people cycled through that it STILL wasn’t enough and I had to delay shipping while I waited for new product to be made. I end up needing to order a largely excessive amount of product to ensure that there’s always enough for everyone which as you can imagine is a huge cost drain. It would be much better if locking the number at 100 (or whatever you prefer) meant only 100 people could get rewards that month.

Discerning between domestic and international patrons:
Once again this relates to creators who ship physical rewards. Shipping domestically vs. internationally naturally has huge shipping differences so it doesn’t quite work to have patrons in all locations join the same tier with a set price. To deal with this many creators make multiple tiers for the same rewards, one for domestic and a more expensive tier for international, but currently they have no way to guarantee the right person will join the right tier and they have to just operate on good faith that international patrons will not join the domestic tier, which can cause a lot of confusion when joining and a lot of customer service headaches. It would be helpful to have one of two things here: Either have a box you can check when creating tiers that locks it to be domestic or international only (if a wrong address is detected the person is prevented from joining) or simply implement an optional additional shipping cost that can be added onto the tier price if an out of bounds address is detected.

Regarding Inbox:

Quickly accessing patron info: When a patron sends a message it would be helpful if I could click on their name and access ALL their patreon info including current address, past address, and billing history. Right now when people message me for customer service reasons and I need to track down their address to confirm if it’s correct or see if their card has been declined etc, I have to open a new tab, go into the relationship-manager and track them down and come back with what I find. It’s a really tedious process that I feel like could be easily solved by being able to simply click their name in the message and access all their patron data.

Being able to send pictures via DM: This is pretty straightforward, both my customers and I encounter a lot of frustration about not being able to include an often necessary photo in a DM

Inbox Organization: Once again related to customer service, I would love it if you could either star messages, color code them, or sort them into folders. I run customer service through my patreon so that it’s easier to track down patron info, but I get all kinds of messages in my DM’s not just customer service questions, when I get a message and respond to it I am not always in a place to be able to deal with the issue immediately, which means the customer service messages can get buried in the other messages. Unless I stop everything I’m doing when I get them and deal with their issue right away (which isn’t feasible) I end up having to back track through a lot of messages to find the issues that need to be dealt with and sometimes messages get lost this way. Being able to somehow mark messages for later would be a huge life saver.

Assistant Accounts:
Ideally I’ve thought about having an assistant to help run the customer service on the account/ make posts/ answer DM’s etc. What’s stopping me is that I do not want to give someone full access to the account with the ability to alter tiers, access the payout balance or statistics etc. I would love if we could create sub-accounts with partial access for an employee or assistant where we can select what aspects the person does and does not have access to.

I really hope to see some of these in the future! I know many other creators experience the inbox woes I have expressed here.


Honestly before any changes are done to billing, or even deferring payments, try these first:

-Make it more clear for CUF new patrons that the initial payment is for the backlog first, then monthly. It’s not a “double charge”.
-Let us creators act as the first line of customer service to handle any patron confusion.
-Give us more control of how to give our patrons rewards. Galleries/Folders is a great way to immediately show patrons they have access to everything, and might help curb those who leave out of confusion/anger at not getting rewards.

See if that solves anything first and foremost before investing in larger changes.

I also still think it’s worth A/B testing delaying payments, but it’s not a top priority compared to the above.

  1. Seemingly constant interface changes and they never make sense. For a while it felt like every other month something would get moved on me. Having everything hidden in so many little tricky menus is obnoxious. When the “new post” button recently got hidden under “Posts,” it took forever for me to find it, because when I see the word “Posts,” I assume that means “previous posts,” not somewhere I’d need to look to make a NEW post. Also, my notification bell never clears when I look at my notifications-- it just tells me about the same thing over and over again. Whatever’s going on with Patreon’s UI, it’s not great. It’s exhausting to try to get anything done. Sometimes just the thought of having to deal with it holds me back from posting for a while.

  2. We waited so long for multi-image posts and they kind of aren’t… good? Images other than the main one are extremely small and I’m always afraid my patrons won’t even notice they’re there. Would like to see more options to arrange them within a post, more like tumblr.

  3. Sorry to be blunt but the mobile app is an absolute disaster. Buggy, wrecks image quality on uploading, doesn’t have full functionality as far as I can tell? I don’t have much reason to use it but every time I’ve tried to for one reason or another I’ve just given up and gone back to my PC. I imagine this is really frustrating for artists who work on mobile devices like iPads or portable Wacoms.


Here’s an idea I’ve read elsewhere in the community: a waiting list for anyone who tries to join an up-front creator’s supporters really close to the 1st. Say, if they sign up on the 21st (a date I’m pulling out of nowhere to illustrate the point), they don’t actually join or get the tier benefits until the 1st, when their first charge happens and they are allowed to get what is promised for the tier.


I saw that too. LOADS of options to A/B test before upending the system.