What's your biggest Patreon pain point?

I agree 100%! I think a “super easy” and “super obvious” follow system could lead to more people eventually making the jump to being patrons.

The #1 thing I hear from people who support my work in other ways but haven’t signed up on Patreon is that they don’t quite “get” the site. The reasons for “why” vary, but I think if I could tell them, “No worries, I felt the same way too at first, just click the FOLLOW button and you’ll get a feel for it in no time at all!” that could really help.

Especially if combined with the ability to send a message JUST to your followers, which I don’t think we can do right now?



Patreon is already fully aware that followers may convert to potential patrons. I’ve recently noticed this since I’ve received two emails suggesting I become a patron of somebody I follow, with the teaser of a patron-only post.

(However, I’m not sure if this is the approach they should take. Personally I perceived these emails as mostly spam and would be more likely to unfollow somebody than to become a patron based on such an email. But only Patreon has the statistics.)

I agree anyway that the follow feature is at the moment too hidden and could be made more prominent with the explanation of its function like “Subscribe to public posts without supporting this creator.” At least personally I would favor a direct communication like that since it may make people rather choose the patron route.

Indeed, you can’t message followers who have never been patrons, so right now that feature is limited to trying to bring back former patrons. The documentation doesn’t specify why there is this limitation. Apparently only Patreon itself is allowed to email followers to try to turn them into patrons…


Yep, something like that would be great!

I think it would be really smart for Patreon to encourage non-paying fans and supporters to at least “connect with” the creators they like via the Patreon site… doing so HAS to increase the odds someone turns into a paying supporter when they see news of something they find appealing!

And I cannot imagine it costs Patreon much if anything whether you have 10 followers or 100 followers?



Current pain point:

I’m doing pay-per-thing, not per-month. Every so often I forget to mark a paid post as being paid.

There is no way to change the paid status of a post after the fact, so I then either have to make a quick “oops” post that I mark as paid, or delete and remake the post.

I would like to suggest one of two solutions:

  1. let me edit the paid/unpaid status of a post after the fact
  2. change the paid checkbox to a dropdown with three states: “Is this a paid post?” (default), “Charge my patrons for this post”, and “Do not charge my patrons for this post”. If I try to submit a post with this set to “is this a paid post?” then treat it as an error and make me try again.


I preview every post I make to my blog. Please make this possible on Patreon, especially since the post goes straight through to my patrons via email, so they get the one with the mistakes in it.


Honestly, this is a best practice IMO. Chasing after someone more than twice starts feeling harassing.


^^^^^ This, for sure!


I agree with everything said here. The Lens designers need to better imagine and understand the user experience of the patrons.


Message functionality continues to be a problem for me (and probably many others).

  1. Not searchable by user name or keyword. (more filtering such as time and tier would help, too)
  2. Cannot copy a message on Patreon iOS app
  3. Not loading the existing thread when I open Message window from the profile page of each patron.(= https://www.patreon.com/user/creators?u=xxxxxxxx)


  1. 15 seconds are too short. I’d like to have at least 30 seconds.
  2. Landscape video needs to be compatible. (Other social media have already optimized for landscape videos. Not to mention most of my official videos are in landscape, too. Having to shoot vertical videos DOUBLE our workload!.)

I hope to see those problems solved rather soon as they have been major issues for years. Thank you for your work.

  1. Patreon Support is limited :frowning:
  2. Patreon Inbox does not have a search function. Cannot mark messages as unread / read.
  3. Cannot attach photos using patreon inbox. It’s very hard to communicate with a patron especially if you need to attach photos.
  4. Cannot easily upload photos. You literally have to upload one by one at a time. This is why my private blog had to be somewhere else (i just make a patreon post with the private blog entry link that has a password T_T) because it’s so hard to upload photos individually. It would be great if they can adopt the wordpress system of adding photos (Drag and drop)…
  1. Lack of support in general and complete lack of support at weekends
  2. Completely unresponsive to the needs of creators
  3. Wrong understanding of who their customers are (creators)
  4. Difficult to navigate/use creator pages

Hi there. I just ran into an issue because I canceled my highest-value tier and created a new one at a different amount. I really, really wish I didn’t have to go back to ALL my previous content, one post at a time, and add this new tier to permissions. I wish there was a button to simply “add X tier to all posts” or some such. I don’t know if this is already being worked on but I’m crying a little right now at all the time I’m spending going back to adjust permissions on back content so my $45 tier can have everything.

Otherwise, very happy with Patreon–this is the first big hiccup my audience and I have hit with it.

–Anne / Paintingbig


This is why I’m not changing or making any new tiers until something about this is done. I was lucky in one tier I made was early enough in the switch from posts being viewable at dollar amounts and not tiers, that there wasn’t much to fix, but now? Yikes.


Yeah Sam I have almost two years of content to go back and re-enable. The only good thing is that my high-level patrons are really patient about it and most have already downloaded the past content they wanted, so I’m just going through and adding a couple of months’ worth every day or two. Still is time I wish I was utilizing to make more content though.

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Ugh, seconded!! I have literal years of content that is inaccessible to Patrons who should be able to access it for this very reason. I went back about a year to edit tier access, but it just doesn’t make sense to spend hours doing that for my entire backlog of posts, especially considering I post multiple times in the average week! Bulk tier editing and/or the ability to reassign tier permissions when you create a new tier would be an AMAZING solution to this problem.