What's your biggest Patreon pain point?

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Current pain points, all related to pay-per-thing subtleties:

:eye: When I make a post, I need to mark it as “paid” or “unpaid”. This status cannot be changed once I’ve hit the ‘publish’ button.

Currently this status is bestowed by a checkbox:

It defaults to off. So if I get distracted and forget to check, it will get posted as unpaid. Which is not fun when the vast majority of my Patreon posts are “hello, I made one of the things you are funding the making of”.
I would love to see this replaced by something that I had to interact with before I could hit ‘publish’.

My suggestion would be a dropdown menu with three states: “paid”, “unpaid”, and “—”. The last value would not be a valid choice, and would be the default. Thus I would have to visit this part of the post page to publish a post.

I usually manage to remember this, because of flashbacks to the embarrassment of having to send out a followup “hi this is a nothing post that I have marked as paid because I forgot to mark the actual post as paid and I can’t change this” email to all my patrons. But I would love it if Patreon made sure I could never do this.

:eye: How much have I made this month? How much will I get if I make another thing? I have no clue.

Currently the only data on this is a tiny link hidden on the Earnings page that pops up estimated prices for my next three posts. Which is better than nothing but hard to find.
Screen Shot 2021-04-30 at 5.29.50 PM
I’d like to see a nice big graph beneath the Earnings Before Tax graph instead:

There would be similar text to the existing popup about how this is estimated based on current patrons, caps, and the assumption of no card declines. There might also be a line graph that shows my total income in the same graph.

This would answer two questions I regularly have really quickly:

  • how many Paid Things did I make this month? (currently I have to manually count them by scrolling down the main Posts page, none of the compact views in the Dashboard mention paid/unpaid status)
  • will my wallet be happier if I go work on commissions instead? (the popup sort of answers this)
  • how am I doing in achieving the general goal of “paying my rent with Patreon” at this very moment? (nothing I can find in the current dashboard tells me this; the simpler addition of “You have made X posts so far this month, which we anticipate will earn you $Y” to the existing popup would tell me this, but a nice graph would let me absorb this information faster!)

im also a “per post” person and these are extremely good. i didn’t even know the page that told you your next 3 potential earnings even still existed anymore. that thing was a lifesaver so i could keep track of how much i was/wasn’t making. now i literally have to guess every month lol

the “published posts” tab is the most worthless page on the site that i keep having to revisit to figure out how many thing i posted this month to see if i made enough to make rent.

why does this not tell me if it was a paid or unpaid post or how much my patrons were charged for it?

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additionally i can see that patreon’s commitment to improving the site has really shook out since it’s been radio silence from them for at least 2 months while they’ve fired 36 people and tripled their value

how much of the perceived value came offour backs i wonder lol. since we are the glue that keeps the site running entirely

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My biggest pain point is having to use Payoneer or Paypal for payouts.

Their fees are ridiculous and they lock you in to paying their sh***y exchange rates. Why should they receive 2+% of our earnings for doing nothing when there’s much cheaper (and easier) ways to transfer money available? For example my bank only charges a 0.4% conversion fee, this may not sound like a big difference but the Payoneer fees add up to thousands of dollars so cutting them out would save me a ton. It seems to be unavoidable which is infuriating tbh!

Please let non US creators withdraw to a USD bank account like Transferwise!


more re: wanting to see more detail on per-thing payouts

I remembered to look at this at the start of the month before posting anything. Now I know that there’s a pretty steep drop-off from the first two posts of a month to the rest. And since I’m thinking about this I’m going to be taking notes on this as I post stuff this month, and asking myself how this could affect my strategies in deciding what and when to post, and if I want it to affect that. But this should all be right there in the earnings screen instead of doled out three at a time, Patreon’s got all this data and is giving me just enough to be kind of really frustrating.


Agreed, after patreon platform fees, then payment processing fees, we then have to pay another fee for conversion, you end up losing quite a large amount each month just to fees

Notifying patrons for every post I make. There’s no option to not notify. This is really poor.

What do you mean by notify? Emails should be auto turned on for patrons, they should get emails for each new post. Did you mean something else?

I’d like a setting where they are not notified by posts. I post quite a lot and don’t want to spam them.