When some Patreon's Payments get declined?

So some of my Patron’s payments got declined recently. They’re actually two of the highest Patron’s I have and from what I got when a payment is declined that doesn’t mean their dropping immediately? OR are they? Should I contact them and ask? Do I ask if there’s anything I should change or ??? I guess my questions is how do I proceed. They’re all friends of mine, and I don’t wanna sound annoying by saying it to them “Like, hey, I saw your payment got declined, were you thinking of dropping your pledge?” Or something like that.

I guess, how should I communicate with them at this point?

I usually send an email or private message to declined Patrons. That’s been very effective in recovering them. This month I noticed that the automatic retries did not seem to happen, so I included that in my message.

Hey @J_Andrew_Gilbert, glad you reached out to ask!

When a patrons payment is declined, we will continually attempt to charge them during the month. This help article explains how we try to collect past due bills.

If you do message your patrons and find that they’re having a tough time troubleshooting, you can send the article below:

Hope this helps!