When upgrading, Patron has to click on "Join" button which is confusing

When an existing Patron wants to upgrade to another Tier, they need to click on a button which says “Join” to get to the new Tier. This seems wrong to Patrons, as they are already “members”, so they get the impression that they are making a second, new pledge rather than updating their existing pledge.

The “wording” here could be improved.

(The whole edit pledge process seems pretty convoluted, to be honest, but I think this one point has cost us upgrades and support effort.)


Hey @AndrewD, thanks for the feedback! You’re right - some simple wording changes could make this a much easier process for existing patrons. Will pass this along :slight_smile:


Totally agree. ‘Upgrade pledge’ or something similar would make more sense.

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Absolutey; I bet most of them haven’t done so becuase of that.