When was the last time any of the feedback was actioned on?

I’ve been reading these forums for the 3+ years I’ve been on Patreon as a creator and I cannot remember a single time when any of the requests that have been made here was implemented.

For years we’ve had requests for a gallery, alternative payout options, better exit surveys, subs as a gift and more and every time the answer is a stock “we’re not planning on it” or “we’ve passed this onto the team for consideration”.

In the meantime, we’ve had an overhaul of the front page that nobody asked for and that was very, very poorly taken by most of the community. An overhaul of the relationship manager which is clunky and hides some key information to understand our community. Constant bugs and problems with payment processing that never get fixed, only get worse. A discord bot that is barely functional and somehow works less and less every month.

We are constantly bombarded with workshops on how to get more patrons, how to make the most out of our community or - wait for it - how to work on our mental health as a business owner.

You know how I’d work on my mental health? By working on my art and not spending 50% of my time working to appease patrons who are upset by Patreon’s faulty facilities. Do you know how hard it is to compensate for a platform that seems to be built on string cheese and hope? Do you know how unprofessional it makes creators look, when they constantly have to apologise for things not running properly in ways that are completely out of their control? Do you know how demoralising it is that NOTHING we ever request is acknowledged or that we’re never treated like we know our communities better than the Patreon team?

Because really, we do. We’re the ones at the foot of this hill, working to bring people along, understanding what they want and expect, talking to them day on day. We’re the people Patreon’s audience is loyal to and if tomorrow we went off to another platform, none of our patrons would stay back because they prefer Patreon; they would come along because they care about us and our product.

And yet somehow we’re still treated like children who just don’t know any better because Patreon has data that shows 7% margins on pledge uptick given a new layout! How about pledge longetivy? How come we never get any stats on patron loyalty once they’ve pledged 5$ for a month, downloaded all our content and yeeted themselves back into the abyss?

So I really feel compelled to ask: when was the last time any of the feedback that we’re constantly told to post in here has ever been acknowledged and/or actioned? Because I cannot for the life of me remember.

All I know is that for the last 3 years, every time I’ve got something to say I feel like a cow being told to speak to the butcher about my feelings.


Patreon has the misconception that creators are suppliers, like a company that provides office supplies. They believe that patrons are THEIR customers, not ours. Until that changes, it’s unlikely requests from creators will get any kind of priority or that our requests will even be acted upon.

At least that’s how it appears to me.


I can absolutely confirm this. There is ZERO loyalty to Patreon from my supporters. (In fact, they might even have a bad taste in their mouth for the business, since I complain about it often, haha.)

I actually cannot recall a single statistic or even mention of anything related to this ever. I don’t understand this obsession of getting new patrons if all they do is leave?

I will say that I did have at least one “request” that was “added” to the site. A bug fixed. It was mentioned in early March of 2020, and fixed in early September. Tags weren’t showing up on posts. So, there was that. :upside_down_face:

But more seriously, even something as simple as not sending an email to people you block hasn’t been implemented. If something so obvious and easy can’t be done, I have extremely low expectations for anything else.

To quote myself from another post:

I honestly feel like most of us would be much less stressed and upset about things like this if Patreon was more communicative with what was going on behind the scenes. It feels like we always have to pry it out of the staff. Give us info on what you’re currently doing. What about updates for each quarter? “Here are our plans for Q1” That would be amazing! It’s not like it’d have to be super detailed, I get it there are things to keep private or a “surprise” (though previous “surprises” have been hit or miss). But /something/ would be a fantastic start.


100% on everything you’ve said. and a fair number of really high earning creators that i follow have left the platform due to patreon’s inaction.


This got me thinking more, as I was chatting to a friend of mine about this. (She was a Patreon creator who left the platform for a competitor.) I think another big issue is that the staff of Patreon really push this concept of “friendship” with us creators. Apologies if this sounds harsh, I’m sure these are all great people–but so often I hear the, “We want to be your friend!” or “Think of me as your friend!” from various staff, and while I appreciate the sentiment behind it, that’s absolutely not what I want. I don’t want to be friends with the staff, I just want the staff to do their jobs. I want proper customer service. I want bugs fixed, feedback addressed, and actual communication. I get that a lot of them are creators too and want to be chill with us, but hey, that’s not why we hire you. We PAY you to do your job, not be our bff.

Again, apologies if this sounds harsh or that my posts are aggravated. It’s difficult as the longer I’m on this forum and the longer I use this service, the more frustrated I become. :confused:


I completely agree with this.

I try to be friendly with my patrons too, but if I was only serving them friendship without the art that they pay me for, they’d tell me to go do one. This is exactly what I feel Patreon is doing and it really does come across about as earnest and effective as a motivational message on the back of a cereal box.

It’s like having a house fire, asking your landlord for an extinguisher and being told what a great question that is and how much they value you while locking the window latch from the outside.


I think you’re 100% correct, unfortunately.



I agree on everything unfortunately. I really wish it was different.
I’m getting tired of apologizing to my patrons for how awful the app is for instance. I have to explain again and again that they can’t download post attachments through the app.

It’s really making me consider moving to another platform or building my own. I’m just not looking forward to hauling 2500+ people over and putting them through any trouble (even though navigating through Patreon is a lot of trouble for them too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


I also think that Patreon’s understanding of their business is not the same one I had in 2013, and does not make as much sense for creators as that business model (they are a payment processor for small monthly donations to 5-10 creators who do something free and cool on the Internet). They are not very good at explaining how they now see their business, probably because they are caught between the story they tell to investors and the experience of creators.

But serious creators have multiple income streams and multiple ways of reaching an audience, so that if necessary they and any one can part ways. Patreon popularized the idea of monthly donations for free things on the Internet, and that will be their legacy even if they go bankrupt in the early 2020s trying to grow as fast as their investors demand.


Gosh, I feel this, especially that last sentence. I pretty much never even bother to contact them about problems with the site anymore, because I already know what the answer will be. The worst thing is I used to work for a website that hosted a large community, and heard the language directed at the userbase, so I could probably guess exactly what the sentiment is behind the scenes for creators. We tell them what we want, and then they probably go into a meeting and talk about how we don’t actually KNOW what we want. It’s so frustrating.


In the end, it’s costing us patrons, which means it’s costing Patreon money. One would think that would be sufficient for them to act, but apparently not.


I can’t tell you how many Patrons I lost simply because of crappy service. Furthermore, I use their wordpress API which they stopped supporting, and its constantly a struggle just to keep my content usable with them. There is a chance I’ll be forced to leave Patreon soon.


As someone who has been a creator on Patreon since early 2014, I am finding the comments here heartbreaking. I haven’t been using them as much for some time now, and am preparing to dive back in 100% in 2021…but reading all of this has me wondering if I’m making a mistake!?

I wonder if the sentiments expressed here are a small minority of creators (and their patrons) who are finding Patreon a hassle to use, or whether the sentiments expressed here are indicative of a wider ‘losing of faith’ within the Patreon community.

I don’t have any answers, all I can say is that before Patreon, I didn’t know how I was gonna make rent each month and since Patreon my whole life changed for the better. I would love nothing more than to know that I can rely on this platform to enable a deepening and delightful connection with my most passionate tribe for many years to come.

With love to all


They like to crow about the tens of millions they get from investors. I think that’s their main goal now – generating cash from investors until the well runs dry. Supporting creators and making the site work better for creators is not needed if you’re getting that kind of cash from investors. After all, how much do they MAKE from giving creators better organization tools, right?

Sure, the site will eventually implode from neglect, but the people at the top of Patreon will parachute out with a fortune. It’s really sad.



this is actually literally exactly what is going to happen lol. it’s a relief to finally see some palatable frustration in here. patreon works for us, not the other way around!
the fact that they’ve been jerking us around with this trash ass platform for years, improving nothing but amassing capital they can’t stop posting about, is demeaning lol. the amount we are paying them to barely maintain a website that works like garbage, is designed to benefit no one and by aliens who have no concept of what humans use websites for, and still, to this day, fails to have even the most basic and rudimentary features that literally even web 1.0 forums have is unbelievable unless you remember that patreon has a ceo and isnt employee owned, like it should be.


Hey everyone - I wanted to take the time to thoughtfully reply here. But I think Jack said it the best way we can… For context, Jack was in the community Discord Server yesterday chatting with creators about their feedback, much of the same feedback that has been shared here in this thread, and he said this:

You can head to the message and the whole conversation here.

Please know your frustrations are heard and felt, and we take your feedback very seriously. We understand the Patreon product has a lot more work that needs to be done and we’re working on a ton of updates and features we’re excited to be able to share with you soon. With that said, we are also working on improving the communication with our community in 2021 and on.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Let’s see a list of coming upgrades/changes and a timeline. Share it and stick to it. That’s the only way to build and keep trust.

Not sharing a plan communicates that there is nothing being done and that we don’t matter.

It really is that simple.


Yeah, it’s literally been three years of “BIG updates are coming!” Would love to actually SEE some of these big changes happen in 2021. I mean, they just got $90 million to work with, that should hire 1 or 2 web people, right?



Was about to post this. This is the same thing they’ve been saying for years. I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe this, and I’m actually really disappointed with the response. But at this point, I didn’t expect much.

We know this stuff takes time, effort, money–we get that. That was never the issue. The biggest issue was the lack of communication, honesty, and general openness when it came to addressing our concerns and feedback. We’re constantly tossed to the side and ignored, and responses like this are just patronizing.

As an aside, I’m irked that there’s been zero acknowledgement about how badly things have been run. I’m honestly really bothered. There was no acknowledgement on any of our specific issues, direction on any plans–it’s just the same generic response we always get.

Please do better. We WANT this to be a great site, we WANT to see the company grow.


Yep, that’s what makes this so frustrating. There’s a list of maybe 20 things they could do really easily that would make the site SO much better for creators, which in turn makes it better for our patrons, which in turn makes Patreon more money and creators more money… It’s a win-win-win.